bi-polar boyfriend


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I am almost 6 years out of my abusive relationship and trauma. I have been dating my current boyfriend for a year but we've been friends since we were we 13. My current boyfriend (CBF) and I have been having alot of communication issues, lack of trust and just arguing alot. He recently realized he might be bi-polar. He hasnt been to an actual doctor yet but he has all the symptoms and hes thought this about himself for awhile. I am still learning how to deal with this and keep things stable. he is literally a different person when he is manic. He doesnt not /can not (im not sure) see it. It puts alot of stress and pressure on me. He gets very irritable and testy. It seems like everything I say or do annoys or irritates him. He had wicked ADHD and gets sooooo distracted so easily. When hes had sleep and is calm and normal he will tell me the things he wants to get done, and to help keep him focused. so then he doesnt sleep for a few days (he has PTSD also) and becomes manic and hyper and bouncing all over the place getting distracted by any and everything in his path. Never finishing a single task. I try and tell him he's getting distracted/side tracked and not focusing on the original task and he gets so upset with me. So defensive, so grumpy and snarky... i have no idea what to do.


Hi! Is he willing to take medication? There’s nothing you can do if he’s not willing to get the help he needs and take care of himself. You gotta put the focus back on you hun.