ED Binge eating

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I started bingeeating again when I started to realize that I had complex trauma. Topweight was 136kg. Now already lost 7 kg and I am at 129kg.

Why I binge? To fill the emptyness that I feel. To calm me down when I am full of rage, angst, sorrow, grief.

Any tips on how to deal with this would be very welcome.

Yes, I am currently studying and practicing a workbook about complex trauma and different techniques how to regulate.

Thanks for this.
We have similar problems...only mine is restriction. We both use food as our tool of choice to accomplish the same thing. When I am hurt, angry, grieving, my PTSD is flaring, when I want to make myself feel better about anything, when my self esteem is low, when I need an adrenaline rush, when I want to feel BETTER...I simply don't eat....for days...and days...and more days.

My suggestions: Find something that gives you that same or almost-the-same high. For me, it can be exercise , which is not a good alternative. So I try to throw myself into other interests I am passionate about. I start a new, big art project. I dig in the dirt - repot, replant, redesign a garden. I am a researcher, so I do a deep dive into a new subject to study - I have become quite knowledgeable on everything from eschatology to cake decorating! I rely on my faith. Never underestimate the power of prayer. Am I always successful? Of course not. That's where finding your secret weapon comes in handy - the right motivation. It used to be my young children because they needed a healthy mom. They are all adults now. My motivation now is my 11 grandkids! My munchkins love their Nana and expect me to be available to play, to craft, to bake, to listen, and to be active in their lives. Again, it doesn't always work, but it sure helps!
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