Bipolar cousin is visiting.


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Hello I think I might need to just get this out. Its a little self therapy, reading this is optional lol. We have a visitor visiting who has had a very tough life with bipolar. She told us she got a hysterectomy a couple months ago because it was supposed to help with the bipolar disorder. I've heard a couple rude comments directed to her, which I want to react to in the right way.

My senses are different from everyone else that I've seen around her. I can feel her energy switching much, much more often than any one else I've known , and I feel for her. I notice my daughter feeling it but she doesn't know what it is and is fearful. This is how most people feel around her. She's such a dear soul and I feel helpless, I don't know if I say or do anything to make her stay here a little happier. I can feel her torment that she hides so well.

I guess I just needed to vent a bit, I'm so frustrated. Why do so many people brush off other peoples pain, even (especially) if they are a loved family member. My thoughts are that sometimes one needs to look at their animal brain and tell it that the days of survival of the fittest do not belong in modern society. I think that the majority of people who are unenlightened react with instinctive fear to someone "different" simply because they don't understand it and so draw away due to confusion or distaste of the unknown. Pretty basic psychology but it never hurts to say it again.

I get it, I'm a member of this club and always have been. My PTSD has enlightened me over the years, It has sharpened my senses and made me weaker but stronger, terrified but braver, very understanding, non judgemental and, very empathetic. But her problems are much different from mine and we don't share that connection that is so often felt... Damn I wish I could fix her, and me, and everyone.

I truly believe that those of us who have fought all these mental battles and continue to do so, have the ability to be so much more enlightened and empathic than most anyone else. Yay! Xxx