Childhood Birthday parties


Perhaps in the future they won't be so hard?
Thank you for providing this possibility. I hadn’t considered that it might get easier in the future—but thinking that way is helpful. Also, forgot about all the birthday stuff that just went by for me, makes sense there would be a connection.

Self care is good, yeah. Maybe what You can begin to do is recognize the need for extra self care and schedule that in (assuming I am scheduling my day by then.)

My plan of scheduling my day isn’t really taking off yet but there are some basic supports being set up—mostly surrounding eating and pets. I guess that’s another thread.

Thank you @Movingforward10 and everyone for the support.
I never had a birthday , except one surprise one from a friend and their family sort of (we shared the same date). Family would do stuff when I was a kid, but I stopped at about 20, didn't feel deserving of one. Family rarely even calls on it. This year I didn't care and 2 sent texts. I can go to other's as it's not about me. I used to put them on also for one, until met with verbal abuse. Sometimes I help do the legwork.

i guess it's just another connotation of home, or family, or care, or being deserving of it. But hate to say it but my existence isn't high on anyone's priority list lol. i suppose you have to define what it means to you, or what the connotations remind you of.

FWIW people often hate them, or hate them because they are getting older. and lots of stress planning, or planning kids'.

In another way it's kind of astonishing to make it to one, especially not expecting to.