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Blocked from transgender health care

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I could use both practical advice and support I guess. (sorry for asking). The brief summary - I'm a transgender man. I moved to Missouri about 5 weeks ago from a much more liberal state. I knew it was a risk, but the town I moved to is a pretty liberal town. And I have moved in with my boyfriend who owns a house here so in many ways it's made life better. A few days ago the attorney general here announced an emergency ruling regarding getting any kind of transgender related medical care. It is far stricter than anything that's gone before. The biggest piece for me, is "any psychiatric symptoms from existing mental health comorbidities of the patient have been treated and resolved” So effectively, unless I'm cured of PTSD and other mental health issues I am barred from treatment.

From a practical point, I don't know what to do. I haven't managed to get a license in this state yet because of stupid roadblocks. My boyfriend suggest maybe I don't. Maybe we pretend I still live in another state and see if my doctor there can work with me virtually. I had registered to vote and mailed it in, but it bounced back but now I don't know if I should resend it. But then, not voting seems wrong as I can't be part of change. My boyfriend says we can move (he's amazing) but I just got here and it seems to early to jump to that. And I don't think my mental health will do well with another move so soon. Then again my mental health has taken a huge nose dive in the past few days. Waiting to see how things fall out from this makes a certain amount of sense, but then advocacy groups are saying if you haven't established care with a doctor yet, for trans issues you should do it before the 27th when the ruling comes into effect. I don't have a doctor or medical insurance yet. (I did just start with a therapist).

For the first time in quite a while I'm getting regular suicidal thoughts. I am also suddenly flaring with other PTSD symptoms. And I have this reframe running through my head, which is stupid but this voice keeps saying, "not wanted". I have never understood the level of hate and fear people can have for others. I am holding onto my boyfriends words. His first offer was that we could move. I've *never* had anyone in my life who was willing to do something like that for me. I just felt like I was getting established here. Starting to settle in, and now it feels like turmoil and risk and uncertainty. Sorry, probably stupidly dramatic.
Omg that’s terrible. My state is restricting children which I find ironic given they claim to be protecting them by taking away a parents right to help their child and yet the same GOP want all these other laws protecting parents rights. It’s appalling, apparently parents have a right to choose how to parent unless the GOP finds that they don’t like it.

How the hell one guy gets to decide for an ADULT population their right to health care is beyond. Here’s hoping the level headed in your state take quick action against this tyranny.

Why is this issue so polarized? I don’t understand why anyone thinks they have a right to choose for someone else. We’re becoming this horrible place to live ruled by men hiding behind what they claim God wants. I can’t imagine god likes suicide which is high in the community. I can’t imagine God thinks we should bring babies into the world who are unwanted either. Who’s rights will they come for next?

When I taught 6th grade there was this book I read to them when we talked about the holocaust and i find that it fits here too. It’s an allegory about how Hitler came for different populations and everyone else stood by because it wasn’t them it’s written for children so it starts with like birds and all the other animals of the forest justify it because the birds were noisy and then they come for the toads and again they justify until the only thing left to take is the white rabbits and the rabbits realize there is no one to defend them. All the things being done today in the name of it’s for the best reminds me of this.

🫂 sitting with you.
I think you'd need to get the opinion of your actual treating physician in order to determine how this will personally affect you. I.e Are they unwilling to continue your gender affirming care after the ruling goes into effect? What does 'treated and resolved' mean to them in regards to an incurable disorder like PTSD?

You can elect get their opinion before doing anything (that will provide you the most informed decision possible) but at the same time if it were me I would be leaving as soon as humanly possible. Your safety and physical wellbeing is at risk and if you have the opportunity to get out, you should take it.

And anyone who says that's alarmist and dramatic can feel free to never have an opinion in my presence again. This is exactly what we f*cking warned you people (conservatives) about in the first place while being shoved to the side and ignored that "nothing bad is even gonna happen, it's all about the children" based on petty semantic bullshit.

Anyway none of that was particularly helpful. Just a dumb enraged rant, but it's egregious and disgusting and it is only serving to degenerate the United States as a whole into a Christofascist f*cking hell-hole reminiscent of Gilead.

If it were me? I'd take your boyfriend's offer and run. You can't help anyone if you're dead, and if the risk for suicide is that high, it's time to go. I've studied the global impact of genocide in various cultures and forms for most of my adult life and these laws absolutely qualify.

They are essentially saying if you want to live you must break the law, and we have no idea how it will look in the future and what liberties they may get away with taking when it comes to depriving others (those they deem degenerate pedophile criminals at that) of their human rights (of which access to medical care absolutely is).

Look at what they've already blatantly gotten away with: they've already decimated bodily autonomy for women everywhere. And that's women, who aren't yet seen as handmaids. How far will they go to dehumanize a transgender person? Not a risk I'd take.

Why is this issue so polarized?

It's polarized because fascists are gaining popular traction. Folks calling us degenerate child groomers are straight up stealing Nazi language and just like the 1930s targeting LGBT and disabled people first to test the waters.

This is a group of people who have no problem with children in cages, separating families, sterilizing immigrants and literally calling for the US military to bomb Mexico. Notice that in the 30s there had been a period of social enlightenment followed by the rise of fascism.

Fascists fear being made obsolete and this is the result.
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I’m of no practical support since I’m not from the US, and wouldn’t know the particulars of the new ruling.

I would just like to voice my utter outrage that this is happening. It’s so very, very wrong and I’m sincerely sorry you are in this position. You shouldn’t have to move to access proper healthcare, but your life is worth far more than some stupid idiots worthless ruling.

You are very much wanted, and your boyfriend has got exactly the right attitude. It’s easy to say please don’t let the opinions of these wankers get to you, and hard in practice to not be effected by it. I hope you are able to take your boyfriend up on his offer, and I’m sorry that some backwards jerk is making it so hard for you.
I am so incredibly sorry. I know how difficult a move can be, but...

if it were me I would be leaving as soon as humanly possible.
Things are so hard these days, changing from minute to minute, so if it were me I'd choose a very blue state or Canada. Seriously. If you haven't already, you need to weigh pros and cons of staying based on *possibilities.* Ugh. I'm really sorry you are in this spot.
My 2 cents is to get in touch with local trans-resources. They’ll know which clinics & doctors DGAF about stupidly written laws (that include everyone already on hormone therapy &/or post surgery, instead of common sensing don’t give a mentally ill 12yo top/bottom surgery just because their parents cannot legal object & other scare tactics that get badly written laws pushed through) & how to code “correctly” for insurance billing. No fuss. No muss. Great docs roll their eyes at stupidly written laws all day long, and easily navigate around them.

Committing medical & insurance fraud across state lines, otoh, is stupid. Don’t do that.

Which doesn’t mean you’re not free to travel for out of state medical care. You’re more than welcome to receive medical care across state lines, I used to fly out to Boston & NYC for vision & dental, respectively… because my insurance covered amazing providers on the east coast but only Walmart on the west coast… so the cost of the round trip tickets were waaaaaay less than I’d be paying out of pocket for good practitioners on the west coast. ($200 tickets, plus $20 copay… vs $700-$15,000 out of pocket fees = no brainer, get on a plane! ✈️). Similarly, people fly all over the country to see the best specialists, go to the best treatment facilities, get the best testing… free trade between the states is written into the constitution. If you live in ANY of the 50 states, you are free to acquire goods and services from all of them.
Which doesn’t mean you’re not free to travel for out of state medical care.

Biggest (potential, idk the law in-depth and not a lot has come up on Google) issue with this though, is if they've banned all gender affirming care - which would not only mean surgeries but potentially also meaning hormone replacement therapy (in @Muttly's case, testosterone). Are you aware of how possible it would be to travel out of state, get a prescription for testosterone, fill it and then travel back to your home state? (Not arguing, genuinely asking, cuz I'm not too familiar with the nitty gritty of this shit.)

Because unlike estrogen, testosterone is a controlled substance (due to doping etc) which could potentially result in charges including up to a year in prison -> what if it was found in his possession? Would the prior prescription from another state cover that? I know that in the case of abortion they have also, in the areas where abortion is now illegal, made it illegal to travel across state lines to receive care.

Though I do not know the realities of that circumstance and whether doctors are more likely/willing to just "look the other way."
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Are you aware of how possible it would be to travel out of state, get a prescription for testosterone, fill it and then travel back to your home state? (Not arguing, genuinely asking, cuz I'm not too familiar with the nitty gritty of this shit.)
As easy as doing it.

Which is why I mentioned my own traveling to save a buck for vision/dental (airfare to certain cities in the US are loss-leaders. I’ve flown to/from NYC from British Columbia, Seattle, Portland, SF, LA, & San Diego for $50 each way dozens of times, then hop a train for Boston, rather than paying $1500 to fly TO Boston or from a city without an international airport. Vegas is another hub, that the Casinos subsidize / one can often fly to/from Vegas for free & stay 2 nights for free, just from various casino specials).

You don’t have to live in a state to receive healthcare or meds there. You’re simply not allowed to get an Rx in one state, and fill it in another. Nor are doctors allowed to write scripts for states they don’t practice in.

which could potentially result in charges including up to a year in prison -> what if it was found in his possession? Would the prior prescription from another state cover that?
Prior prescription? No.

CURRENT prescription, written and filled in another state, 100% covered/legal.

ETA… Certain medications are difficult to travel with, as drug dogs & sensors will alert as you’re going from point A to B. (Unless you take active smuggling steps by swallowing or concealing in resealed peanut butter and mail, etc.). Meaning you really need to stay in the state it was Rx’d in, or drive everywhere you want to go. Speaking as someone who has been Rx’d both with Desoxyn (methamphetamine), & methyl (1R,2R,3S,5S)-3- (benzoyloxy)-8-methyl-8-azabicyclo[3.2.1] octane-2-carboxylate (Cocaine). Veterinarians buy pounds of cocaine, without anyone batting an eye, but a 30 day bottle of pills in your name, from a reputable doctor, filled at a reputable pharmacy, with a current prescription? Will still have you cooling your heels for hours/days in airport &/or police holding cells. FORTUNATELY, dogs aren’t trained to alert to hormones. Nor is there widely held stigma against clinical use. 😉…even if there are major concerns around hormone aided juicing it’s still the steroids that receive most of the scrutiny. The upside in trans-land is that the cocktails of hormones & steroids are so distinctive that they receive almost automatic wave through. It’s the bigotry that’s the concern rather than the legality.
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It is beyond outrageous that this level of hate and fear interferes with your rights to love as you.
I don't understand the insurance and state things, but the idea to ask medical providers what this means for them and how they are interpreting it would be good. Asking others what they are doing.

It's great you have Tat and he understands how fundamental this is to and for you, and therefore for him. If things are too hard, it is ok to move to somewhere where you access what you need to be you. It is totally ok to do that.

It's so wrong this has happened.
Are any groups doing protests or counter measures ?
It’s the bigotry that’s the concern rather than the legality.

That's my suspicion as well. No matter how much of an understanding of the rules we may have, they're liable to simply change the law to say you're not allowed, for no reason. Since apparently the Constitution doesn't matter any longer.

On the other hand, testosterone can be given via injection every two weeks, so depending on feasibility (cost etc) you could potentially have a doc the next state over willing to provide the meds.

If it were me though @Muttly I wouldn't f*ck around. I'd leave. This is a grand statement that transgender people are not welcome and they are inching their foot in the door to make being trans itself illegal. That is their ultimate goal.

This is coming directly from a man (the AG) who said it's fine if an adult marries a 12-year old. These people are shameless. They don't give a f*ck about society or decency or the rules of engagement. All they want is to feel superior to others and the freedom to abuse their lessers with impunity.
I'm really sorry you're going through this. If it was me, and it was at all feasible to move, that's what I'd do. Red states like Missouri are going to just get worse and worse and restrict more and more liberties of their citizens. Your life is already in an upheaval having just moved; no reason why you can't purposefully prolong that upheaval to move someplace that is going to let you live your life.

I know you just moved out of Washington - would it be possible to go back and take Tat with you? You're also pretty close to Illinois, which is the only Midwestern blue state left, but thanks to very progressive Chicago it will probably remain blue in perpetuity.

New England is nice, too.
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Once again I’m utterly baffled by the American political and legal system and don’t want to take the whole thread off topic at all. I’m just firstly trying to process how the President is liberal-ish (I think even the most liberal of liberals would be seen as centre-right in Europe) and yet these conservative state laws are getting passed. It’s utterly crazy.

@Muttly I’m so sorry you’re in this situation. It feels very Nazi-Germany era to me and makes me so very sad. I do think that you and your boyfriend should have a sit down talk about your future. Did you move to him because of his career/settled job/finances, or are you able to move again fairly easily? And still survive financially? If you can, I’d be seriously thinking about it.

It must be soul crushing to be in this situation.
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