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Body memories from emdr preparation

Discussion in 'Treatment & Therapy' started by recoveringfromptsd, Jul 25, 2017.

  1. recoveringfromptsd

    recoveringfromptsd I'm a VIP Premium Member

    Had another EMDR preparation session with my Trauma T, I was asked to take the target experience, with the emotions tied to that experience, and describe the sensations I felt.

    In the process, I end up having body memories.

    After the session was over I had to sit for a while before I could leave the room.

    The body memories have continued.

    Have others had this experience?

    Do the body memories go away? How long before they do?
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  3. Emma A

    Emma A Guest

    Hi there. Thank you for sharing. EMDR activates the unprocessed trauma that's already in the body so feeling bodily sensations is totally normal. In fact, it's a very clear sign that your body is processing the unprocessed experiences. So think of it as internal weather. Sleep well, eat well, cry when you need to, be around supportive people, keep a journal of what's happening. This will pass very soon. I promise.
  4. recoveringfromptsd

    recoveringfromptsd I'm a VIP Premium Member

    @Emma A I I had my second EMDR session on monday, things have gotten very intense including the body memories, at times they are persistent, some of this stuff hurts so much that I have had some S/I, I understand that's not unusual with emdr, I had my appt with my PDOC today, and was was open and honest with him about this, at first he was concerned but he is letting me manage this on my own, expecting me to ask for help if things go from the current status quo to unable to be safe. They have done that before so it's something they know I will do if needed.

    Nevertheless, this is all a lot to deal with.
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