Body Parts Going Numb, Dissociating From Your Body


My apologies if this is not the correct terminology and the post needs to be moved.

Right now I am experiencing body numbness in primarily my legs and lips. The lip numbness is more common, while I can’t remember the last time my legs went numb for dissociative reasons (I have had leg numbness for spinal issues, and this is definitely not that).

I am assuming this is a type of dissociation from your body? I have also experienced things like being unable to taste.

Do others experience this kind of thing? What helps you? Regular grounding exercises, or something else. My mind doesn’t feel dissociated, but I could be slightly as I’m tired and took my meds, so the feeling can be similar.

Thank you.


Yep, this is all a sign of dissociation. Distal limbs going numb is also a sign of sympathetic nervous system activation && can be a result of increased anxiety or the prodrome of a panic attack. I have Functional Neurologic Disorder and this is one of the symptoms I have as well. My hands and feet go numb & get paralyzed or stiffly stuck in awkward, painful positions. My hands also get really cold. I find taking hot baths helps & warm water, blowing on my hands, stretching them, & lowering my anxiety.


The lip numbness makes me concerned for an allergy presenting itself… as allergies are always (literally, scientifically) growing or lessening… BUT?

I’ve been in pain-psych since I was a teenager.

There are 2 (primary) kinds of ‘going numb’; Neuropathy & Disassociation. (Although, clearly, things like allergies also present as numbness or tingling as the nerves are being affected by the autoimmune reaction).

Neuropathy will typically be ascending. Like my knees are so damaged that I’ve walked on broken ankles/feet for weeks before realizing, just because the pain signals from my knees are so intense they blot out any normal, and even severe, pain signals below them. Ditto, my knees go numb / pain free when my back is f*cked up (or hips, neck, etc.).

Disassociation can range from specific to global. As one “divorces” feeling about XYZ, from ABC.


The lip numbness is HUGELY concerning to me. As it’s paired with numbness elsewhere. It really speaks to an allergy, although it may be disassociation being weird, it’s red flags & neon signs & dancing girls, for an allergy. Regardless of what else is going on. Please, please, please hit up any doc you trust to rule out an allergy getting worse & to give you what to look out for / elimination trials / etc.