Study Brain imaging predicts PTSD after brain injury


Posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is a complex psychiatric disorder brought on by physical and/or psychological trauma. How its symptoms, including anxiety, depression and cognitive disturbances arise remains incompletely understood and unpredictable. Treatments and outcomes could potentially be improved if doctors could better predict who would develop PTSD. Now, researchers using magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) have found potential brain biomarkers of PTSD in people with traumatic brain injury (TBI).

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“Together, the findings suggest that a "brain reserve," or higher cortical volumes, may provide some resilience against PTSD.”

Stigma now of too little volume of brain matter, perhaps ? 🤨 Thank you for the information despite my take. Actually have an appointment with my neurologist in two days and think I shall put him on the spot for fun as we are discussing my brain- MRI actually.