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Research Brain Mapping???

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hey guys I have a question: will getting my brain mapped help doctors be abel to tell wether I have PTSD or BPD or whatever? I match the profile for BPD and PTSD (or C-PTSD ) and I'm pretty damn sure I have at least one of those but will it be evident in a brain mapping thing???
I'm not sure, but I doubt it. I don't think any of those can be diagnosed using brain imaging. There's a screening process for all of those, that involve the DSM and a lot of therapy. I can't remember, are you currently in therapy? Going to a therapist and being evaluated is how you get diagnosed. Brain mapping wouldn't make any sense if you hadn't already been under psychological evaluation, without being able to settle on a diagnosis, and I"m not sure it would even then.
Not necessarily, the brain is incredibly plastic and scans can only show what's happening at the time of the scan - its very early days in understanding neuroscience and the way our brains function etc. It's exciting because we have more of an idea about what *might* be happening but little conclusive evidence as yet.

Part of me wonders what the diagnosis of one or the other means to you? What does your therapist think in terms of diagnosis? Meeting the criteria on paper doesn't always equal diagnosis in real life so it's worth going through the assessment process with your therapist or other professional.
I'm not sure, but I doubt it. I don't think any of those can be diagnosed using brain imaging. There's a...
Not necessarily, the brain is incredibly plastic and scans can only show what's happening at the time o...
Okay y'all here's the thing: I can't afford a therapist. I sure as hell need one but idk where to look or where to find one (I'm homeschooled. I get socialization hand all that great shit but my point is that I don't have a school counselor) (And I also don't know how to find one that's right for me if it was more affordable) My narcissistic mother is taking me for brain mapping sessions because I can't read notes as fast as SHE would like. All the other symptoms I have can be explained by BPD, or C-PTSD. what would a diagnosis mean to me? Well, I would know that I wasn't just imagining stuff and I'm not crazy. If I had a diagnosis it would also be easier to find people who could help.
Brain mapping is not a scan, however would not give a diagnosis. It is usually used for treatment. Does a label mean something? It does help in terms of whether or not medications are needed, and yes, your therapist should be able to assist in that aspect. Brain mapping however helps in treating the issues themselves.
Making you undergo brain mapping is pointless, unnessesary, and sounds like an overly dramatic way of pretending to help you in a way that wont' actually help you, and will just call attention to your problems and make you more aware of them. I might be misreading it.

There are charity therapists who are free or on a sliding scale, that even without insurance you'd likely be able to afford. There's resources online that could help you find them, as well. Getting to one is, I think, extremely important. Anyway to get out of the brain scan? It's useless for what she's trying to do.
So, what you're describing is child abuse - administering medical tests that are unnecessary is abusive behaviour on the part of your mum. I can understand you wanting to find a way to make it worthwhile but it's not a diagnostic tool in that sense.

The symptoms of ptsd, bdp and lots of other issues can overlap each other - I don't know what your symptoms are but it's likely they aren't exclusive to either disorder and could entirely be a normal coping strategy for living in the circumstances you're in. Do have a look at charity websites for access to free or cheap support.

Would your mum support you to see a therapist?
So, what you're describing is child abuse - administering medical tests that are unnecessary is abusive...
No, she would not. I have talked to her about it before back when I was extremely suicidal. She said that I would feel better if I just trusted in God. (I know. Bullshit.) I prayed a lot but I was still feeling really suicidal so I thought hat there was something wrong with me when really I just needed some medication. She gave me anti depressants for a while which made me feel better. (It wasn't too much or too little) and then whenever she got mad at me,she wouldn't let me have them. So after that I was basically using music and talking to my friends to help me feel better and it did. Then my mom grounded me from my I pod for three months for talking to my best friend. (Remember music is my life and pretty much the only thing that was keeping me going and my I pod was my only form of communication with my friends because then I didn't have a phone because mom wouldn't let me.) when I tried asking about talking to the doctor about it she said that I didn't need that and that this was a "heart" issue. (Meaning she didn't feel as in control of me as much as she would have liked) The point is, my mental health is not something that matters to my mom.
I agree with @Suzetig that this is an abusive action. Any way to get out of it?[/QUO...
Not yet there isn't. If I refuse then she will probably take me off their health care plan and kick me out and I don't have enough money for that yet. I have people who would help me if they decided to kick me out (they have threatened to kick me out recently because they found out I was vaping which I was only doing to relive stress because of the way my mom treats me and my brother. There is no physical abuse or beating or sexual abuse or anything bad like that. I just wanted to feel better long enough to get to the next day ya know?. (Shit ton of emotional abuse but I'm not sure if that could make me have PTSD or not???))
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