DID Brand new to forum, first post.


Hi everyone. This is my first post on any forum regarding my mental health and diagnosis; PTSD, DID, amongst a list of others that may or may not be accurate. My most recent diagnosis being DID. I've read a lot here and feel I can relate to some things, but not others. My T is using IFS, which is how I found this site. I wanted to know more about IFS vs. other treatment modalities for DID and my search pulled up a post from here. I've been reading threads for two days every chance I get. At another time, I would like to post my experiences with DID to see if others experience what I do. I would love to have some peer validation that they too experience something similar. I think it would help my progress. I've seen my T twice a week for the last year and tell her often I feel like I'm going backwards. She assures me I'm not, but I've been dignosed DID for almost 2 years now. I'm very grateful to have found this forum and look forward to posting in hopes that I can get additional support and be of some support to others.


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Welcome, @StillPen! I was diagnosed with DID years ago, and the biggest thing I've learned over the years after talking to many like me is that we are all different! Although many of us have similar experiences, how they play out and how we manage them can vary widely.

Have you done any reading? I'd love to hear more about your experiences and will be happy to share some of mine.


I have been diagnosed with PTSD and OSDD. You are definitely not alone in how you might feel.
Looking forward to your posts.