Sufferer C-PTSD, CSA survivor


New Here
Hey; I just stumbled onto this forum during a search for PTSD help.
I'm Lexington; 26
I have CPTSD from severe childhood abuse and sexual assault. I was also raped in my teens out side the family.
I have been struggling all my late teens and 20s through self harm depression eating disorders and suicidal behavior.
I have finally found a therapist I can trust whom I've been seeing for a year and a half. It's been hard though and alot of the time I feel stuck and like nothing is going to get better.
Anyways hoping this forum will be good and I'll be able to reach out.
Thanks :)


Thanks for saying hi, I hope it helps. It has helped me. I had tele therapist yesterday lol. Face time therapy . Wasn't bad. I had to keep walking around with the phone to make sure nobody could hear me,. It's hard enough in her office.


New Here
Yes, C-PTSD here and did have CSA as well. Yours is the third intro I've seen from a person w/ complex PTSD and for whatever reason it sure feels good to know I'm not alone.