Other Can a concussion make PTSD symptoms worse/more intense?


Hi. My apologies if this has already been discussed elsewhere. I have recently suffered a concussion so my attention is a bit off, and I can't stare at the screen for too long.

My question is if anyone has had this happen (not PTSD as a result of TBI but someone getting TBI after already having PTSD)? If so, has your head injury/concussion made your flashbacks or intrusive memories more intense?

I would be grateful for any and all insights into this. Thanks in advance.


Anything that affects the brain can make pre-existing neurological symptoms worse... or better, or wacky... whether that’s a concussion, TBI, fever, infection, malnutrition/low blood sugar, drugs/alcohol, sleep dep, seizures, electric shock, hypoxia, etc.

Concussions tend to be very short lived (unless you’re talking about multiple concussions, especially if still having symptoms from earlier concussion) , but PTSD is also a disorder that’s highly reactive to stress, so what caused the concussion & the fallout are ALSO likely to uptick symptoms. Not always, sometimes people bang their head in otherwise non-traumatic fashion, and the next few days whilst they take care of themselves are a shining example of stress management. But it’s far more common to get a concussion from an MVA, or fall, or other “hilarity did not ensue” types of events... and then to spend the next week exhausted, off work, going to multiple appointments, fighting with insurance, and, and, and, and....cut off from their normal routines & coping mechanisms, with stress levels up to their eyeballs.


I've had 3 bad head injuries and concussion and I definately feel it made things worse. I can't say that it made flashbacks worse but definately made cognitive abilities worse. Even speach.


Yep.....I used an app after my last concussion....called Elevate.....which was great for memory, language skills, reading, listening, math, as well as vocabulary. It required focusing....some areas I did better than others. I have also had multiple head injuries and some neurological problems....and my TBI doc said that the damage is cumulative, but he's known many people with multiple concussions...that come back to where they were, but one key was to use your brain to support or gain back old learning, and make new neural pathways with new learning (learning to do different things you haven't tried before).....but...the short answer to your question is yes.