Can dysregulation make you lose your mind


A grip of control over what? Can you be more specific. I mean, for me, dysregulation is all about the nervous system being out of whack which can mean all sorts of things both physically and mentally. Also to varying degrees.

What is happening? Do you mind my asking?
My short answer is "no".

You're a teenager, right?

I remember getting dysregulated at that age and being totally scared I was going crazy too.

There's different types of dysregulation, but I know the one you're describing and yup, it feels like you're losing your mind.

@DharmaGirl 's point is really good. You can learn techniques on how to get re-regulated and also techniques for how to not get dysregulated so often/ so easily, and how to spot it straight away/ how to spot the warning signs and to take a break to stop the dysregulation getting more intense.