Other Can you be diagnosed with ptsd if you have autism before being assessed?


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My autism worker today said she doesn't know how I'd be diagnosed with ptsd cause I have autism and she says autism is making it more difficult for me to process things. What do people think about this? Have you had a problem getting a ptsd diagnosis cause you already had an autism diagnosis? She also insisted that I had to tell them I'm autistic or they won't be able to help me but I don't want to tell them cause they used it as an excuse to get rid of me before when I was being treated for an eating disorder which they decided 6 months later cause 'you're autistic and don't like changes so the eating disorder diagnosis was wrong, it's just your autism' and then they wouldn't see me cause it now wasn't something they deal with. They knew I was autistic when they diagnosed me and I didn't give them any new information about my autism from then till my review 6 months later.


a diagnostician would be the one to ask, but i don't understand the conflict. i imagine it to be something like an epileptic developing diabetes. it also seems wise that you let your health care providers know about both conditions. they may be different conditions, but one will affect the other.


i imagine it to be something like an epileptic developing diabetes.
Yes, or even more closely related, epilepsy and dissociation.

Many, many diagnoses share symptoms, sometimes so many and so closely it is hard for anyone but a very good doctor to separate and diagnose.


I had to tell them I'm autistic or they won't be able to help me
If you receive treatment for someone qualified to diagnose you? They need to know, or who knows what conclusions they'll reach. Bit like seeing a doctor for headache treatment without telling them you have a brain tumour, yeah?

And if they're even remotely qualified? They won't be looking for ptsd. They'll be looking for mental illness.

Because PTSD is just one of many disorders that can arise from experiencing trauma.

If you have a mental illness as a consequence of experiencing trauma, it may bot be PTSD.


Then you might see a trauma specialist who thinks you don’t have autism and it’s all trauma related. They are after all only human and tend to be blinkered by their specialties. I know a few people with both. One with ADHD as well it certainly complicates things. It also means the treatments need to be altered and tailored which hopefully that would be the case anyway.

It is really important to let them know or they could just cause you harm. There are similarities and cross over. For example you can’t prolong exposure your way out of over stimulation you can with hyper-vigilance. Without all the information if a therapist tried to used prolonged exposure therapy for what they thought was hyper-vigilance and anxiety but what was actually overstimulation that’s basically just causing suffering for no reason.