Canine Companions For Independence (cci) Takes On Ptsd

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I am getting this information second-hand from a spokeswoman volunteer working for CCI. She said they recently expanded their operations with PTSD in mind and especially veterans, but also just PTSD.

I was told that anyone with a disability on the list can apply, and that the dog and education/training is all totally free. You would have to pay for your travel by car, maybe hotel, to the training site. However, I'm sure this would count as tax deductible medical expense, but I don't know that for sure. It depends.

I do know that when I worked as a HUD apartment manager (senior/disabled property) those kinds of expenses were 100% included in medical and deducted 100% from annual income to determine income-eligibility. Don't know about annual federal taxes. Well, Beyond my expertise there.

It looks like you apply, wait about 2 weeks. Get a response, get a phone interview, and then get put on a waiting list. It looks like it takes 1-2 years in some cases to get your trained dog. And they do ongoing support and education, so that the dog is trained to suit your specific personality and you specific needs, which can change.

You have 8 years with the service dog, when they are retired. The person who raised the dog as a pup gets first right to get them back, and then the dog will go to someone on the waiting list, usually someone who works with the organization.

Link to application: Link Removed

I hope that if you think you can handle a service dog, this would be a quality experience.



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Since it takes a year for this free service dog to happen, I suggest just applying if you think you'll be ready by then. It could take 2 years. Who knows.

With PTSD, there is a symptom of a foreshortened sense of the future. I know I have that problem, and it affects my ability to long-term plan or to even think about having a future. When I do, all I feel is fear.

So I understand that many won't apply based on not being able to take action on something that might take so long.

But, I can't emphasize enough how much life can improve with a canine therapy or service dog. Many will testify that it makes a huge difference.

Personally, I have a dog that would not qualify based on her guarding behaviors (She's overprotective of me). So she is a challenge to travel with, walk, etc. She is hard to take the vet.

But I sleep easy at night with her in my apartment. I have unconditional love. When I wake with nightmares, petting her grounds me and reminds me I am safe now. Even more so than a hug from my wonderful husband, the dog speaks to the scared parts of me.

Dogs have been the secret to our success as a species since pre-history. Both species have evolved to collaborate. Not everyone likes dogs, but they are an excellent option and resource for many.
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