Can't sleep again

I can't sleep again, I only get 3 to 4 hours a night and I can tell its from anxiety and stress and it causing a toll. I went to a doctor and got subscribed sleeping meds but they are not working, I mean just a tiny bit. I have tried melatonin and zquil and it doesn't work. My brain is on fast mode almost all the time. At least I a not super grumpy and still happy and managing but I have to focus on getting on track before I get worse. I wonder what is causing my brain to do this. Is it normal to fight sleep so much. What is my brain doing to cause this? Anybody know? Anybody deal with the same thing? At least I am eating fine


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I have the worst insomnia right now so I feel ya. The only advice I can give is exercise fairly hard about an hour before sleep, then do one melatonin instead of the two and a half dose of the zzquil. That’s what my therapist is suggesting anyway, we’ll see how it goes.


Sorry you’re going through this. Too little sleep is enough to fell anyone, PTSD or not.
I get you. My brain doesn’t stop. Ever. :meh:
I have seriously upped my exercise in the last week or two, it is helping a bit even though I still get little sleep and repeatedly wake. Also do a meditation every night which helps me fall asleep in the first place.
Hope you get some rest soon.