Car thread! What's your favorite car? (Or "Weirdest/most frustrating car issue you've ever had" or whatever else you want to talk about)

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Hello! I like cars! Do you?

I wanted to make a car thread for a while, but I haven't, because I don't feel like people are going to want to share the exact car they drive here on these anonymous forums.

But I realized that we often don't drive our favorite cars! So that might be more appropriate. If people are interested in this topic here on a PTSD forum, that is! It's worth a shot!

Feel free to also talk about funny car issues you've had! Or whatever.


I currently drive a little Chevy from 1998 (and since it's my first car, of course I love it), but I've always wanted a Volkswagen Beetle for some reason! Teslas seem both really interesting and really prestigious at the same time, though I hear that getting the battery replaced can cost more than the car itself. (Is that true?)

I've also always loved Studebakers for some reason, especially models built in the 1950s-60s. I think my favorite model would be a 1961 Hawk, any color :P

Mazdas are okay too! I grew up with those everywhere so I find them to be okay. My mom had this little Mazda that always got from point A to B without any problems at all (until my dad started "fixing" it) and so great because you could slam your fingers in the door and barely feel anything :laugh: Not sure why!

Oldsmobiles were also really popular in my family for a while. I don't remember much about it besides it being really comfortable and roomy, but when it flipped over while my sibling was driving it, no one was injured at all! Very safe car, which is pretty much how I'll remember those.


Weirdest issue I've ever had isn't much, because my little Chevy, like I said, is old but also my first car. But like a lot of Chevys, it's starting to get weird electrical issues. It started with my cruise control, which would only work intermittently. I assumed the problem was with my break pedal, and kept trying to pull the thing up, but it wouldn't fix my problem. Later, I realized that turning on my high beams did fix it o.O Later, my headlights and my turn signals would stop working suddenly -- but would fix when I turned on my high beams or emergency flashers. Weird!

I later learned from the previous owner of the car that the turn signal switch in my car was actually new, because the old one had shorted out. So, that must be happening again. Later, I had to have an airbag switch (and horn) replaced for the same reason -- they shorted out. So, the issue must be stemming from the steering column somewhere? Weird!

As long as it drives, I guess! I'm positive I can squeeze another 50,000 miles out of it fine at this point. The engine is in wonderful condition, even though the previous owner didn't get regular oil changes!

Also, are cars a necessary investment in your country/city? Just curious!


I’m a Jeep & Mustang kinda girl, by preference.

I usually own some kind of Jeep Wrangler, and would looooove to own a ‘67 Shelby GT500 :inlove:

Also, are cars a necessary investment in your country/city? Just curious!
I adore living in cities where cars aren’t necessary, where one can walk everywhere & just nip onto public transport. I do not live in one of those cities right now. I love driving, for its own sake & to actually go places / the meme “all I wanna do is go on road trips and have sex” :sneaky: is right up my alley; but having to drive to everywhere just kind of pisses me off. Correction, in the country? That’s not so bad. But badly designed cities where you’re only ever walking 10 feet from house to car to school to car to shop to car to work to car to school to car to shop to car to sports to car to home? Day in and day out? SMH. Drives me crazy. The only thing worse is not having a car, and only getting to “pick one” of those things, because the public transport is so bad you’ll only have time to do one thing today.
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I looooove cars & driving.

I am particular about the interior of the car since that’s where I spend my time.

My Chevy (also my first car) had electrical issues too! The windshield wipers got stuck in the up position (how awkward!).

The car after that also had electrical issues (a/c stopped working) and then the hood got stuck shut and even the mechanics couldn’t open it.

The car after that stopped on the interstate during rush hour. The alternator wouldn’t stay bolted on. People were so mad at me ??‍♀️

Current car is doing well but I may lease the next one!


I have always said that I live in my car mostly because I spend so much time in my car. My dream car used to be a red BMW convertible but as I have gotten older I find that as much as I love cars I hate being dependent upon someone else when I need to haul something big. Now my dream vehicle is an Audi Q5 SUV. I love the German engineering in cars the ride is amazing and the way they handle like a dream. The sound systems are amazing and the comfort for long rides unbelievable.

But reality unless I were to win the lottery or inherited a fortune from a long lost relative I will never have that dream car.

Most frustrating car issue, my current vehicle has a sensor that is faulting out and makes the car think the hood is unlatched but only when the temperature is below 40 degrees Fahrenheit. It costs more to replace the sensor than the car is worth ( over 11 years old and over 200K miles) so I will live with it but any time when it rains or snows and it is colder than 40 the wipers only work as long as I am driving forward, not stopped at an intersection or in reverse. Made winter fun.


Hi, my fave car has to be my first ... a Ford Fiesta (UK) . It was an old car , was baby blue colour but it had a sun-roof so was kinda cool. I called her daisy.
I tow a caravan so need to drive a 4wd and i use it to get to and from work so it can be costly to run. I do like being high up tho so low sporty cars are not for me. When i travelled around the states i spent time with a family friend and they had this big old Cadillac just like off the movies ... i loved it.


I was born and raised a Ford girl so I love the Mustang.

My first car was an 81' Mustang hatchback. 4 cylinder. My Dad worked for Ford and he got me the 5.0 emblems for it. Everyone was impressed. ?

The windshield fluid motor died so I had to spray fluid out the side window on the windshield at red lights.

Tornadic Thoughts

We live in the boonies where public transportation isn't an option. If you can get a ride into town, there's a shuttle service that you can catch a ride with, but only during a limited time frame with not many location options, and not on Sundays.

My first vehicle that I bought and paid for myself remains my most sentimental favorite...a '74 chevy p/u, 3 on the tree. I kept locking it up in 1st gear for quite a while after I first bought it, but eventually learned how to unlock it. It didn't look very good, and more of it washed away each time we went to the car wash, but it ran well and sounded good doing it.

Another sentimental one was a '84 Jeep Wagoneer 4WD. After dad passed, mom let me have it. Other than being a gas guzzler, I loved it. I got it stuck in the river one time, after having already successfully crossed it once, thinking, cool, let's do it again.....oops....and had to walk several miles to call for help. That within itself became a whole new adventure. Ahhhh....those were the days of many poor choices and many priceless memories. Still amazed I lived to tell about them.

I now prefer small and economical and have a Toyota. I adore the look and feel of the '67 camaro and would never turn one of those down if I had the chance. I hope to one day manifest a really nice compact camper/rv option. Like a size larger than a typical van but much smaller than a big rv.

Would love to have a comfortable-as-possible home on wheels to get the hell out of dodge if the need ever arose, or just for fun, and be able to park and live wherever, with bathroom and shower on board, preferably. But then I think of maintenance costs and fuel cost and all the processes it would take to make that happen and the desire dwindles. Processes piss me off.

The Albatross

I loved cars and had some special ones til I married my carpenter and had difficulties affording decent mechanics to keep them properly... ever since I was a young girl. My eldest cousins rebuilt Model A's & T's. My dad and grandfather rebuilt a couple of Fords. Me and my first husband were Mopar people.... We had a 1955 Dodge Custom Royal Lancer, a '69 charger and a '60 dodge truck/camper rig. I do love old cars though I don't own one.

My all time favorite though was a Honda Del Sol.... loved my little hard top convertible. It was an experience to ride and drive in... Redlined in 3rd gear at 95 mph when I was playing with it once, got busted... wiggled out of it with an aggravated speeding ticket in Alabama. Never did see what it would or could do in 4th gear.


In the uk a car that was ‘trendy’ for young women in the 90s was a Ford KA. I bought a new one - it was glacier white with black bumpers. I thought it was so cool until i was parking up one day and someone shouted that the car looked like an upside down nappy/diaper .... omg it actually did , whoever designed the shape of that car got it so wrong .... they only made them for a few years and i part-exed mine for a nissan.

The Albatross

We have mister's dream car and it's a collector since there's only 222,000 or so now in the US - Toyota FJ (Cousin of the Land Cruiser). Basically and SUV on a truck chassis. The interior is water proof and very durable. We love it though he loves it more than I do. Fits though a sportsman/outdoor lifestyle. Ours was modified from a previous Colorado owner... more durable than factory specs.

For two peeps and two dogs it's been a great model for us.
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