Catastrophising - anyone else do this?

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I seem to have a major problem in that I Catastrophise (the always looking negatively into the future, worst case scenario – ‘what if, ect’.

Does anyone else have issues with this?

I just wondered if anyone has any tips on ways of dealing with this?:dontknow:


I do it all the time. The only thing I know to do about it is something called a five column. It's where you take a piece of paper, make five columns then write at the top; the situation, automatic thoughts, feelings, faulty thinking patterns (in the info section of this forum I believe), rational response (to counteract the automatic thoughts). You fill it in below according to the heading.

Of course I have these forms pre-made from when I was in the hospital. You would probably have to make one up from scratch.

By the way, catastrophizing is a faulty thinking pattern, so a short cut might be to skip to the rational response. Just my two cents.

Hope this helps, Morgan

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I used to be the worst case ever of this......Whatever happened, I just knew that it was going to get worse. If nothing was happening, I just knew something would and it was going to be awful.

I still do it. (very little now) It's called positive thinking. I try very hard not to let the negative thoughts, the doubt, the fear of what, if invade my thoughts. I try and bring in a postive thought. I stop myself from thinking negative.

It's hard to do, but so worth it in the end. I no longer have the looming thoughts of the world coming to an end.....

It's hard to start thinking positve, but with practise it gets easier. Hope this helps.


I agree with She Cat.

What helped me really change things around was when I read this book called "The Power of Now" It's simple to understand and the things the author says makes so much sense.

Once I read this book I quit thinking negative all the time. I start to do it out of habit once in awhile and catch myself and turn it around. It didn't happen over night and I still work at it, but my life is a lot better because of it.



That is exactly what I do, catastrophizing. Thanks to Morgan, I now have a way to put it into a readable format and help myself not go down that awful road.


I have the same problem but I have always called it "awfulizing". It is fairly self explanitory. If anything awful could happen, it will, or at least that is how I view things way to often.

Always expect the worst. That is the thinking process I usually have. I now try really hard to catch myself and stop this thinking before it gets to out of hand. Sometimes I catch it to stop and sometimes I don't.

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I just thought that I should *FESS UP* after what happened the other day. I am staying at someones house right now, and do have full permission to use their computer. Well the other day something went wrong with it, and for the life of me I could not fix it. Believe me I tried everything I know.

When nothing worked, through out the day, I drove myself into a frenzy over this. I tried all of my skills to STOP myself from doing this, nothing worked. I finally went to bed, only to have nightmares, anxiety attacks, panic mode was very high, and I don't think I slept 3 hrs total.

The next morning I knew I had to call them. Mind you they are on vacation trying to have a good time, with no worries. I was scared to death, but I made the call. I told them what happened, what I did to fix it, and who I called about it, and offered to take it to be fixed. Then they said to me, " Yes, well we have been having an issue with that for quite sometime now, and if you would, we would really appreciate it if you could take it to get it fixed, and thanks so much for everything that you do for us." The damn thing had already been broke and I did all that worry for nothing.

I all but feel over from relief... I stood there and couldn't believe how stupid I had been once again to work myself up almost to the point of being sick, for NOTHING!!!!!!!

Computer is fixed, no more anxiety attacks, and I slept like the dead last night......


Ohhh mind seems to be on catastrophic autopilot! :wall:

When I was a kid, I constantly fantasized about all the horrible ways that my parents would die...and then some kind and gentle person would adopt me. Imagination can be both a blessing and a bane...

Nowadays I catch myself at the doomsday thinking...and I do what I call a "reality check" --> "What's really happening right here, right now?" I look around, check the cues, take some deep breaths, and divert myself. Doing something physical -- just moving -- helps (and there's always housework to do, eh? :rofl:)...

SheCat, I love your post re: the computer! I couldn't help but smile, thinking of all the times I've gotten myself into a panic like that...and then out, by doing something small and practical and realistic.

At times like that, I remind myself that I always have options...that I can part the curtain of fear and do something different.



I tend to catastrophize ereything least I recognize that is what I am doing and when having a good day I just try to keep my thinking more logical...very hard work to change this thought process. It can be done though....may sneak back up but you have to learn the tools to stay in today......I always say...who is worrying about this the most.......ME!!!!


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I have the same problem. It's like you don't want to think positivly b/c if something negative happens it's a major ordeal. Positive things are like bonuses for me and I am happy to get them when I can.
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