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Catharsis through movies

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The magic is in the story. If you make a movie about trauma, it is too real and painful, so you make it a cartoon. See "Waltzing with Bashir". A lot of Anime deal with trauma. Demon Slayer is an anime about losing your family and saving your remaining sister. It is about having the power to do so. The character realizes he is killing demons but not stopping the pain and death, because there is a original demon that they all spawn from. Good metaphor for child abuse. Goblin Slayer is about a severely traumatized young man. He is unemotional, kind, and takes no initiative for relationships. His backstory is hinted it was someone he lost someone he loved in a horrific way and that it was goblins. The status of the time is to move on to dragons and orcs, yet he only kills Goblins. Every morning he walks around like a robot checking the fences, and the perimeter. You feel sad for him. But he has many friends who care about him. Berserk is about Guts, a severely traumatized young man. It has the most epic betrayal of any movie. Yet Guts continues on because he doesn't change, he continues removing evil from the world. You can even watch Daredevil, were Matt gets hurt, loses his faith, his friends try and save him, and eventually he regains his faith. It is hidden in the story. It is about cartoons and superheros, so everyone can watch horror and pain, and not be triggered.
Flash (on Netflix) is about overcoming childhood trauma....(all 6 seasons), as a superhero. He keeps wanting to go back in time and change his mother's death....change his fate as a child who lost his mother at a young age....but in changing the time continuium....he creates other issues.....so as seasons progress....he works through lots of stuff and learns actions have consequences.
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