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CBD and medical marijuana

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If you are disabled the place below will give you amazing deals. You just have to apply to their assistance program.

I'm disabled (though not on any sort of assistance) but I'm not a veteran. Would that matter? Not being a veteran and not being on disability income?

When medical marijuana passed some years ago in Florida, my pain dr said no to it due to it being federally illegal so it super suprised me that he said yes this time. Hadn't asked again and really didn't ask for the medical marijuana part but more the CBD part because of him trying to push me off xanax. He is the one that brought up medical marijuana. I said "that will make me pop up positive on your drug test" and he said "well, if we knew it would be fine" making me think that now they are treating it like any other med, like the xanax. And that also makes me think they changed the pain contract as well. As when it passed for medical use, there was no exceptions in that pain contract for medical use of marijuana.

He wants me to try CBD first before I go the medical marijuana route but unless CBD can help you sleep, I'm thinking medical marijuana might actually be better cause I can't sleep worth nothing these days and especially after lowering the xanax.

All that said, they have medical marijuana specific doctors here with a dispensary attached. But it's finding good quality CBD online is where I'm rather lost.

My dad has a neighbor who takes medical marijuana for seizures. He gave me a place to find some CBD and said he would tell me how to get the medical marijuana card if that didn't work. I don't think it's that difficult. Go to one of these specific doctors for medical marijuana and get prescribed it and I'm guessing they give you the card too. I would also assume you bring in your medical records. Problem is, my therapist's office won't give you your mental health records but they will send them to another doctor. I would want to make it clear that I'm not wanting to change doctors. Lost a doctor that way. They said "well, you had us send your records to another doctor". Yeah, as a specialist because they asked for them. Not because I wanted to change doctors. They said that there was nothing they could do and couldn't treat me anymore. It was a primary care. It wasn't like getting fired from a pain dr or anything. All I did was ask for a copy of my records to be sent to this specialist.

Anyway, wanna make sure all involved are clear and are in the know.
If I remember correctly the online cbd place required a copy of your disability paperwork. Something you do digitally. Doesn't sound like you can get the cbd discount...unless you live below their poverty line.

When I got my mmj card I just signed some paperwork that allowed the mmj doctor to get your medical records from your doctor. I'm not sure about Florida regulations but you can ask the mmj Dr.

Hope you find something that works. You can still order the cbd online without doing the paperwork, you will just pay full price. But that may be a good way to try it...see if it works for you.
My dad's neighbor gave me this site for CBD: Pure Canna Organics Full Spectrum CBD Oil. Seems rather expensive to me but maybe it takes a small amount? Any experiences with that?

@MrMoonlight, need to check out your link. I don't mind paying for it. Just don't wanna pay through the nose but will buy just a little bit at first just to make sure it's gonna work. I know what mj does to me and for me as I used to be an mj smoker (never for medical reasons but still) but don't know about CBD by itself. I guess a 0.03% of THC is federally legal but would go with the no THC first just in case. And if that doesn't work then go right ahead and get my MMJ card.

Will talk with my therapist and my PDoc and see how they handle medical record requests like that. I'm sure I have to sign for it in their office. Which is always a pain in the ass as they are still virtual and will be until insurence stops paying for virtual visits. But, I don't want to make a mistake while rushing. But if my PDoc doesn't send over a paper that basically says she is aware of my pain meds and how much I'm on, that she can't lower the xanax anymore, she is aware of the risks and the benefits out weigh the risks. Basically shared liability. But, if she can't get this right after our next appointment, I'm going to have to go off the xanax and that won't be great. That said, it's why I'm doing this now but don't wanna make a huge and costly mistake during a panic or during a rush.
I always got the THC-free CBD...meaning it's just the crystals without the plant matter. There is no taste in it while the full spectrum to me tastes bad. Maybe there are additional benefits in full-spectrum I just don't know. I don't want to discourage you but it never worked for me. I would get the pure crystal cbd which looks like salt. You can get it mixed in coconut oil often times but I just got the more powerful salt like crystals because I could just take a little spoon full in my mouth giving me a large dose. You could also add it to drink or food. THC and CBD only bond to fats which is why coconut oil is often used. So the best bet is to add it to something fatty.,..

I had a lot of success with mmj and used it for 4 years. It helped a lot with anxiety but I quit using RSO and mmj about a month ago.
So CBD is simple. I am in Canada so its legal all the way.
I am medical but you order and pay shipping so retail is cheaper.

I am not familiar with labelling there but here it's expressed as two numbers THC then CBD. So the oil I take is 0/20, 0% THC, 20% CBD. (20 mg/per Gram) There are other ratio's but as the percentage goes up so does the price. Watch the oil used to dilute. I have seen avacado, grape seed, etc. but the most common here is MCT or medium chain triglyceride, which @MrMoonlight is often based on coconut oil and is very unlikely to cause reaction.

Full spectrum means you get all the compounds. There are a lot of them including CBN etc. Full spectrum is preferred. Think of it as the difference between fresh squeezes OJ and orange drink. Ones the whole thing one has some orange.

Rule 1 - Low and Slow. This is the only place you can make a mistake. Plan on a few weeks to work up to a working dosage. I started at .25 ml twice a day and worked up to 1.0 ml three times a day over about a month. Since oils stay in your bloodstream about 8 hours three doses, morning, afternoon, and bedtime. Since it bonds with oil, sometimes a spoonful of oily foods like peanut butter can dilute and cover the taste.

Rule 2 Use an accurate measure. Medicinal syringes work great and will at least be consistent.

Rule 3. Diary it, for the first little while at least. Finding how much works for you and tracking how much you are taking is a great thing to do. Track effectiveness as well.

The amount you need to take for it to be toxic is a massive dose. Several quarts most likely.

That and CBD - without THC - is 50 state legal (and federally too I believe)
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Seems rather expensive to me but maybe it takes a small amount? Any experiences with that?
I live in a recreational state… those prices are SUPER cheap. Not exactly alarmingly so? But think $10 per joint (lasts a few hours), $40 per half gram-gram vape (lasts maybe 1-3 days), up to several hundred dollars for an 1/8th of an ounce of heavily keefed “flower” ($40 an 1/8th is common black market, whether you’re talking floridas mostly stems and seeds, southwest Mexican dirt weed that’s mostly shake, or West coast sticky super high quality… but the legal dispensaries charge by the half gram, genetics are guaranteed even if quality is middling at best, and an 1/8th is 3.5 grams.)
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West coast sticky super high quality… but the legal dispensaries charge by the half gram, genetics are guaranteed even if quality is middling at best, and an 1/8th is 3.5 grams.)
I didn't think to mention but all medical here is lab tested. Not just for content but for fertilizers, heavy metals, and other toxins.

Wherever you buy, you might want to make sure provide that info.
Eventually, my doctor cured my disease, though I’m still taking CBD for my sleep. So, man, you should just visit a doctor. It would give you much more info than anyone on forums. Cheers.
Very true. However without insurance in some places that's out of reach for some people.

I thought the poster was just generally getting a feel for what others experienced and whether it was worth pursuing it.
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