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CBD for PTSD - Your thoughts if you’ve tried it?



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Just wondering whether anyone here has tried taking CBD for PTSD symptoms, and if so, what you thought of it? The research seems to be pretty promising, but am curious to hear about real life experiences.
I know several vets who use it for ptsd and I had some really good results for the ptsd/fibro combo.
I stopped because I was needing larger doses for the same affect and it gets expensive really fast

My doc said it might help to go back and try it again just when I'm in a flare up - more as a response treatment than a preventative one but haven't gotten around to that yet.


I have tried twice. This last time ( during this summer) was more useful I believe ( the first time had no tangible benefit for me ) but i found that my nightmares not around the trauma subject increased dramatically.

I have decided to not continue for now.
I started taking it daily in the last week and I had no idea what to expect. The frequency of out-of-the-blue adrenaline rushes has significantly reduced- from about every hour or two, to only a few times/day. The one I wake up with is still there. I have comorbidities though, which definitely factor in.

What I have read about cbd is that our endocannabinoid systems respond uniquely to it, which is why we have to give ourselves time to experiment to find our best dosage and schedule for taking it.

I’m taking a prepared oil right now, but I’ve purchased cbd bud and will be making my own oil so that it’s much more affordable. It’s $75+/30ml CAD where I live (also legal). FWIW, I gave cbd oil to my (teen) son for pain relief after delicate but not life-threatening surgery and he didn’t need anything else and healed up perfectly. I had pharmaceutical pain killers ready in case, but he never wanted or needed them. He managed his own dosage and schedule.
Don’t believe the hype that it has no side effects. I don’t deny that it is helpful to many people, I just get irritated when I see it being pushed as this miracle solution that won’t have any side effects. I tried it a few times and ended up with anxiety from hell. Yes, I realize I may be in the minority, however I believe that people should know that they could have side effects, including a worsening of symptoms. I don’t say this to scare you away. I say this so that you can go into it with your eyes wide open. If you do decide to try it, I sincerely hope it helps you, as my experience with it was quite undesirable. I hope that you are in the group of people that it benefits without side effects. Do your research and find a product that is high quality. Go slow with starting/increasing your dose. Good luck!
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