Changing the narrative of my life


He hurt you. He hurt you bad. The screams you made. The tears you cried. Then your Mom came storming in to hear the pain that you had faced. It was silenced with a word you had never heard before. Again it happened! Why would she let him be in the bathroom with 4 year old me?! I step in to save the day! Adult me who is now a Mom..." woman, have you gone mad!" This is your kid. Has a bath ever hurt her before?...Oh NO YOU DON' get in here and lock him outside the door! Little one, what is wrong? Oh my...that's not good...okay...I see! We are leaving..just you and me!
Older one what's going on here?! What?! I called the police. They are on their way..but we won't outloud say! They are here..they saw it all. You are up to her. You can cry. She will take you someplace new where this won't ever again happen to you!

Hey girl! What's up? I know your a teenager now. Your hormones are raging and that's not all. The detective came over she made a house call. Do not be scared. You will soon be brave...and tell her what he did and said...I know you are scared and fear his time won't be enough and afterward he will come for you because that's exactly what he said he would do. He said "he didn't?" Did he now? How many years, lets count them all... 10....10 years of this.. Yikes! You have a choice right here...right now...speak the words even if tears do flow. The cops not the bad guy that might be hard to know, but it's true....look at them as "superman" here to rescue you. Speak your heart and let the words flood out....she is calling for back up. They are placing you far away where he cannot find you! The family is great. They get you some help, a counselor, and an attorney too. They even decide to adopt you. You don't want that man hurting another like you. His crimes were many. Your free to name them all! The judge and jury have heard you too . . . he is getting at least 15 years for all that he did to you! Goodbye bad guy...enjoy your time...this time they caught you for most of your crimes. Time will tell. There might be more. You might get life. Let's hope like hell!