Chat, check-in, and hang out


I just emailed a mental health support group hoping to join their group. They do various meet ups and activities. Phone calls etc. I'm so tired of being on my own and suffering, I need to meet new people and move on with my life.
That is a great opportunity, I hope it brings just the right people into you your life. I have two or three good friends who do a lot of good for me and often bring me laughter, the best medicine they say.


It will most likely depend on how long it takes them to vacate the PIG fertiliser 🤮 they’ve piled up on the edge of their property, right next to my folks’ house; downwind from their home, and upwind from ours.

((As an aside? WTF anyone would use PIG (which smells like an unholy combo of people poop & dog shit) is beyond me.))