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hope your day is going ok. Not sure what to do if they are getting rid of chat :( at first I thought maybe I had been kicked out for some reason.
I know it's sad :( No warning well I guess there was a post about it last night. My day is going okay working from home and kind of at a stand still so not doing much work. I'm doing telehealth therapy this week until my other three coworkers test results come back. I thought you said you were going back to in person this week did you have it today?


@Invisible Fire - you beat me to it :) Thanks for getting this thread started.

I know the disappearance of chat was sudden - but I hope this thread can help fill the void.

I'm going to lock this one and send you over to this one, which I'm pinning to the top of the Social forum.

(Also am going to try and move these posts over there, it'll just take a moment, bear with me).
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