Sufferer Childhood survivor with CPTSD


New Here
Childhood survivor with CPTSD. Once I was able to understand and be dx. I began getting amazing relief with hard work that I put into therapy and using EMDR. My triggers where manageable with self soothing techniques and mindfulness.
In the last 6-8 months, I have been experiencing the nightmares and being hyper vigilant most days. Thankfully I have a good care team. But the panic attacks are becoming more often. I just took a leave from work after changing positions yo a supervisor, who triggers me with her horrible management skills, or lack there of. I have been a member of 12 step fellowships, but have found that they are not a place for me and my healing.
I know I need support and am glad that I did a web search looking for it


Welcome! Glad you found us. A great place for support and understanding. Anxiety seems to be rampant now with COVID and the uncertainties, plus living our lives.

Sounds like you have a great solid foundation and we are here for you. Take your time and be gentle with yourself if you can.