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Do you like coffee? Drink it often? What kind(s) do you like?

And how do you buy it / make it?
Instant, ground, beans, or to go from a coffee shop etc

Which kind of coffee do you like? Or do you have no idea or preference?

Decaff or poky as poss?

There is a baffling array of coffees available to buy and I'm just getting into coffee a little having had years where I couldn't tolerate caffeine and being a dedicated tea drinker.

Have bough a Hario coffee grinder and am gonna see what I think of fresh ground coffee.

Love to hear what you all like / dislike about different coffees 🙂
I drink Eight O Clock coffee since I use cream and sugar free vanilla syrup in it. I like my coffee strong so I can wake up and do my morning chores. I buy coffee in a bag, Amazon has some pretty decent coffee of their own brand. Happy Belly, I believe.

I like Columbian and Italian Roast best. Nice and bold! My son drinks Donut Shop Blend, which is a mild, easy to drink variety.
I love coffee, but I am not a connoisseur by any means. I just buy the cheap decaf at Aldi and usually mix it with Tim Horton's regular coffee - 3 parts decaf, 1 part caffeinated - and then make it in my cheap drip machine. Black only.

I miss drinking nice strong coffee, but my anxiety has gotten much better since I stopped drinking that.
Short Version - Favorites

  • Machine = Moka-Pot (Grosche body & Bialetti basket)
  • Coffee = Cafe Bustello / Cafe Bustello Supreme / Illy
  • Sugar = Muscavado / Sugar in the raw (just enough to NOT take the edge off the bitter as hell, or for a lovely spun sugar caramel foam when making cafecito/Cuban coffee)
  • Drinks = Espresso & Cafecito
I also own an ibrik (Turkish & Arab coffee), & a French Press that I use more for loose leaf tea.

One of these days I need to get my Swiss burl grinder out of storage so I can try making hot chocolate 1600s style, by grinding the nibs into “grounds”
I have never had a cup of coffee in my life (in my 50's). It is actually a silly story but as a kid the only fun thing we had in the summer was to meet the mailman when he would deliver the mail (lived out in the country closest neighbor was 2 miles away) and he would give you a piece of candy but it was always coffee flavored candy and I hated it because my siblings teased me that I was the mailman's kid as I didn't look like any of my siblings. Then when I was pregnant with my oldest I was waiting tables on the opening shift for a breakfast diner and we went through tons of coffee, well I discovered I was pregnant because the smell of coffee (brewing, pouring etc) would set off my morning sickness and it was the worst several weeks of my life. I would wait on a table then run to the bathroom to dry heave. Ever since the smell of coffee still makes me nauseated, morning business meetings where everyone is drinking coffee, I have to take anti-nausea meds so that I can get through them.

On the other hand, I am an avid tea drinker. Hot tea, the blacker the better, no sugar, no milk I have always joked that I would make good Brit. LOL
Eight O Clock coffee
I've never heard of this, what is it?
3 parts decaf, 1 part caffeinated
Reckon this would suit me to a T :)
would set off my morning sickness and it was the worst several weeks of my life.
Sounds it! Not surprised you prefer tea :).
Brits generally liked milky tea best?
Yes, I have only come across a handful of peeps who drink it black.

Loving everyone's replies, such individual differences hey, keep em coming