Cold Mother - Could that be enough to cause trust issues in an adult?


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I am thinking of cold mothers. Could that be enough to cause trust issues in an adult? I can not figure that out. I was not someone who faced years of abuse so it just doesn’t make sense that I would have a hard time trusting people. I just feel that people are not in my corner. I am ok with differences of opinions but l need to know people care about how I am feeling. I was dumped by all my old friends in Junior high. I was viscously gossiped about. My mom thought it was above her pay grade to even offer a word of encouragement. She never ever had any interest in listening to what l had to say. Refused to help me with an older teenage boy who was constantly picking on me. Dealing with me was probably the most tiresome part of her day. I could be in tears and her facial expression would be completely blank. So I really would like to trust people more. I wonder if my relationship with my mom could partly explain my shortcomings in that area


In my experience/observation, pretty much anything can cause trust issues… the major difference between causes are the types of trust issues that develop from them.

So, cha. Not only does your relationship with your mom explain the origin of not feeling like people are in your corner, but? It also gives you a really great blueprint for how to start working on those areas. We don’t have to know where an issue comes from, in order to start countering it, but it sure helps!