Other Colonoscopy Prep—symptom nightmare


Having a colonoscopy screening tomorrow. Family history makes it kind of necessary. Doing the prep. Spent three days with no healthy veggies, fruit or fiber. Now all I can eat is clear liquids and jello. My anxiety and depression feelings are through the roof. Discovered in therapy that I’m actually mostly afraid of doing this wrong or breaking rules. (Getting “in trouble”)—I know where those younger feelings come from. Today, I read that the lack of fiber greatly impacts serotonin. I’m really sensitive to physical changes. Last night, I read that my prep solution can cause suicidal thoughts. This is SO much fun. Has anyone gone through this with weird emotions and such? Anyone want to virtually hold my hand? Lol


I have only done this pre ptsd , but I hope this helps -

my gastroenterologist gave me slightly different guidance to what came on the solution and when I told him this he said ‘yes, we often have our preferences for how patients proceed- ultimately so long as you are empty it doesn’t matter’.

so definitely see it through but just the clear liquids you can’t break any rules 🌷

I’ll hold your hand because I think it’s such a valuable procedure and I think it gets a bad rep from people talking it up online as stressful. It’s obviously tiresome and I comfortable being close to a lavatory the day before, but I honestly think it’s one of the least worst procedures out there.
I am Not dismissing YOUR feelings, not for one minute- but strongly recommend taking other people’s experiences remembering some people tell medical experiences like big fish stories. 🌷

Now, that doesn’t help you feel better til it’s over so what might help? Do you have any favourite grounding exercises? Any favourite herbal teas? ( I like liquorice or fennel tea if i’m fasting but a slice of ginger in hot water works for me too :) )


Yeah…. I had one pre-ptsd as well. The procedure was fine, really good sleep. However, the prep I had that time was the movi-prep where you drank gallons and gallons of water. Stuff kept coming back up as I drank it. The doctor seemed annoyed that I couldn’t finish all of the gallons, but my colon was fine when he went in. This time he gave me su-prep—less liquid. I just don’t remember this 3 day fiber fast and completely liquid diet the day before. Also, I’ve had bad pain in my side for the past week that comes and goes, but it could be the dietary changes or in my head or something actually being wrong. Also, I think covid is playing a role here. Did my heart or lungs get damaged? Did the vaccine cause me any problems? Visions of people with breathing tubes. I should be fine once I’m there. Just this day of fear-hell. Thank you for the hand-hold.


I had 2 similar procedures last year, happy yo hand hold also. I'm sure you are right that you'll be fine ince you are there but I totally understand the anxiety about it.

I actually had far more anxiety about the movi prep than about the procedure but hey.

You could try the dropping anchor exercises here to settle your mind, I find them surprisingly helpful.


Happy to hand hold too.

I had a colonoscopy a couple of years ago. I don’t do well with doctors/medical stuff, particularly invasive procedures. So I had huge anxiety and triggers around it but managed to organise heavier sedation that they usually give so that I pretty much slept through it.

I think I had movi prep too and I remember finding it quite stressful. My main struggle with it was trying to get soooo much liquid down in the set amount of time given. I felt absolutely full to the brim and had to still guzzle more down! and I kept retching!

I think I had to only drink clear liquids the day before. And then I think the guidance was to eat easily digestible, non-fibre foods for the few days running up to it. I think to, ugh, keep everything soft so that operation:clear out goes smoothly. I remember reading that croissants were ‘allowed’, which was my beacon of light in this whole experience! Permission to eat many croissants!

I don’t remember the dr telling me I had to do this in the run up though. It was just suggested to try to ease everything on its way the day before.

I would have thought that if you did liquids only and drank all the prep drink the day before, you would end up cleared out?

Do you think the pain in your side could be tension and stress in the body? Anything you can do to ground yourself and physically relax your body (tensing and relaxing body scan, for instance?) to see whether that brings any relief?

Thinking of you and hoping all goes well with your procedure. I’m having to have an endoscopy soon but am refusing to think about it for now, so it’ll probably be me posting then asking for someone to hold my hand! 😊


Prep nightmare yesterday. I’m so incredibly weak. The taste of the liquid hit my gag reflex, as did the aftertaste. I was so determined to finish the second cup, I tried one last time at 12:15 am. Biggest mistake ever. With the fight against “sick” I was up til 3 am when my body finally gave out. This morning I woke up with rape aftermath physical feelings, but I don’t even care. My body feels shredded and all I want to do is get there and ask for anti nausea drugs and an IV to hydrate me.


Doing better. It’s over. Headache and worn out. No polyps or cancer. :-). Cried four times. Once at check in when the man near me joked about dying. Once when they wouldn’t let my husband sit with me in the waiting room (and wouldn’t let me wait in the hall by him), once when the nurse hooked me up and after talking to anesthesia. Also, I told the nurse that I had a previous colonoscopy, but it was prior to my ptsd. Then, she asked how I got the ptsd. I said, “I’d rather not say.”

Happy to be home.


Just had a breakfast dinner with my husband, it was yummy. Some rewards, there, since I rarely allow such an unhealthy meal. I’ve been reflecting a bit. My therapist reminded me this week that I’m starting to take care of myself. Getting scans and such. Baby steps. Thank you for the hand holding. It was nice to have the support!
I've had two colonoscopy a couple of years ago. Doctor removed 17 polyps! Because one contained a very tiny spot of cancer, I'm now scheduled for another colooscopy next year. No problem at all -- but very glad I hadn't waited any longer.

As for drinking the liquid, (I hate it too) and so, I had to focus my attention on something else while quickly gulping it down. If the after-taste bothers you, you can take a small amount of water afterwards, if, you have room for it. I was told to drink water often before the deadline to stop -- this prep dehydrated.

I had to make myself at home inside my bathroom for about an hour while consuming the liquid. I setup my table to watch a movie. I set my smartphone's alarm clock for 10 minutes and restart intervals for drinking the liquid. The taste didn't bother me but rather, the liquid's unusual thickness -- like drinking half-set jello, I guess. Afterwards, I covered my bed with plastic sheeting then, a few bath towels and went to sleep. All of this prep is tiring -- so plan to take it ease the following day. The colonoscopy procedure itself was easy. I just slept through it. No pain at all. Emotionally I was fine, as well.

The prep diet restrictions I wrote out again -- creating my own timeline, of what to eat and what not to and when -- because this info was given to me tightly squeezed onto one sheet of paper. Most importantly, I covered my water faucet and morning food items with dish-clothes, to help remind myself not to consume any water or food that morning -- nor for several hours prior (12 hours?) before my procedure.