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Colorful and hopefully optimistic but maybe hateful occasionally

I think I was dreaming/in a mixed state of sleep and awake while driving? Not sure. Worried about it, though :/

Made me feel very anxious and confused. I was dreaming I was at the airport trying to find where I was supposed to park the car

Need to get diagnosed with narcolepsy already and see if there's a med or something, idk. I'm the only one in my immediate circle besides my sister who can drive
Three positions from today:

I got to eat without cooking
My cats are very sweet and they love me and I love them
I was able to get some food for my leopard gecko
My dog is cute

Three times I felt safe:
In the driveway, I suppose, because I napped there
Peeing in the bathroom (was alone)
Eating cheese in the car

Very happy I was able to go get mealworms for my lizard 🦎 been trying to for days. She wasn't totally out but I felt frustrated that it was taking me too long because of how tired I have been