Complaints Welcome Here.


You know sometimes you just want a good moan about something, maybe little maybe large.

Well feel free to post it here.

I'll go first.

Only a couple things have gone wrong today but they have right got on my tits.

My phones customer service reckon my lack of signal all the time on my brand new phone might be due to the sim card so asked me to go to my providers shop to get it changed. Only they didn't tell me I'd have to take my passport or drivers licence so it was a wasted trip.
Really peeed me off.

Then another thing has gone wrong and I'm fed up.


Moan over


Yeah I get it, think that's why I made this post lol
They all say that about the phones. It's the usual excuse, one of them. Thank goodness they phones work fairly well finally. I dropped my old carrier when we moved here (by the ocean) I had five lines and the phones were unusable. They all use the same lines. (the customer service robots) I used to call them all the time and abuse the hell out of them, I figured why not, dropping calls and paying giant phone bills is abuse right?


Oh I'm always polite to customer services, I was one for a good while and they're usually only as good as the system they're given (often crap!)

And I bought the phone outright, continued with my old sim, so why having worked for tears it suddenly ain't working I don't know!

I think I get frustrated when you come across endless blocks to getting something sorted though!


I’m not certain my right foot is properly attached to my leg O_o My Achilles’ tendon and it’s mate (whatever tendon runs across the top of your foot) are both, not screaming exactly? More like yodeling their displeasure. Off key. After decent folk have gone to bed.

Also the rest of me hurts.

But the foot thing is just weird. Hello! Foot bone connected to the leg bone! You have one job, foot. And you’re failing at it.