Concerning neighbors` dogs and how my day has been...


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I'll shut up about the dogs and neighbors after this. Today is such a beautiful sunny day. Here in my southern neck of the states it seems not very common anymore to see clear blue skys and 70° fav! So all day I've stayed in the house like a hermit to avoid as much dog barking as possible (did get out to take trash to dump but straight back home and in house). I'm also feeling some anger toward my other good neighbors because I feel they haven't done enough to help end this mess, so I really don't feel like being happy and bubbly...but would like to get outside and enjoy the day. Just want to be left alone.

Am I being irrational to feel anger toward the good neighbors? I just feel like I need more help from them. When I complain about the dogs they agree it's a mess but I feel I might be the most affected by the dogs, in which I could be overthinking that...I've caught myself overthinking at times for sure. Thank you. I pray for everyone's healing and for good health.


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You are definitely not irrational to feel angry in this case. This is your common problem, but it seems that you are the only person who wants to deal with it - that's why you feel anger


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Late to this thread, but I just want to second Debbiere. I have a similar issue, in the city, with a neighbor who lets his dog run loose. I ended up having to put up a fence to protect my much smaller dog. Animal control didn't care unless they caught the dog actually in the act. The neighbors turned on me for reporting it and actually asked if MY dog was the one pooping in their yards, rather than the one running loose constantly. I don't get it either, but there's something about neighbors that they capitulate to the bullies and blame the affected. I have CPTSD and I think that's the nub of why it makes me searingly angry--too much like past experiences.