Confronting Abuser and Repercussion


I have few elder siblings, and they all have kids. One of my elder brothers would abuse my another brother’s children almost everyday.
Surprisingly, their father never objected to the bullying.
I couldn’t stand these kids being bullied right in front of me.
I did some NLP exercises to build up some courage as I was not used to confront someone who bullied and abused people, including me.
I then told him not to abuse or bully those children and I also told him he used to bully and abuse me, back in my childhood.
That bast**d accused me of abusing his daughter.
This terrified me and I thought what if he frames me of raping or molesting his daughter.
I didn't even know what to do about it because he could easily brainwash his daughter and then frame me.
To this day, I feel anxious and worried in presence of children.
This crook is a smuggler, and I knew about his smuggling business, but I would mind my own business and avoid whatever he did.
Recently, I made an anonymous complaint about his smuggling business to authorities; but I continue to suffer from the blame and accusation he made towards me.


New Here
That is scary. You are very brave to approach him. if anything happens with his false accusations my guess is that his reputation for being a bullying manipulative jerk also leads people to distrust what he says