Undiagnosed Constant anxiety, social anxiety, & feeling inferior.


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I get constant anxiety, social anxiety. I feel inferior and it affects my work in that I where possible avoid speaking to people because I feel I am wasting their time.
I've started reading Pete Walkers book on cptsd and also been following Crappy Childhood Fairy YouTube channel.
The things in these videos and Pete Walkers book describe me perfectly so whilst I am undiagnosed I'm pretty sure I have cptsd.
This largely comes from being shouted at and criticised continuously as a child as well as zero warmth, love and affection from my parents. Extended family on my mother's side were also mean to be because they didn't like my father.
For the last 9 months I have been seeing a counselor who uses schema therapy and I feel I am making very little progress. The main progress is around being aware of why I'm triggered in certain situations and the emotions feel too overwhelming to deal with them at the time.
So I just battle against these triggers but they just keep happening.
It could partly be my fault because it feels like such a mountain to climb and nothing has worked previously that I lose the will to work at it.
Is there a more suitable therapy out there?


hello matello. welcome to ds.

have you discussed this with your current counselor? seems like a highly pertinent discussion. don't be too sure that none of your previous therapy attempts have worked. it can often be hard to see progress until you reach that "aha moment" and it all comes together.

for what it's worth
low self-esteem, self-blame and social anxiety are all classic ptsd symptoms, but self-diagnosis is dangerous, at best, even with the help of self-help gurus such as pete walker.


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Hi Arfie,
I haven't as such asked her directly. I did mention the YouTube channel which she hadn't heard of.
I will mention it to her again and say that I identify with the symptoms mentioned is cptsd.


Welcome @Matello. I agree with @arfie (as I often do). Being brave and asking specifically that you would like to get diagnosed, asking specifically what your T is hoping to help you accomplish as you don't/aren't seeing progress and maybe even ask the T what progress they've seen, specifically, and write it down to look back at it later. I promise you, I've done this with my T a lot of times. With us types, we often go from one issue straight into the next, so we never see or feel our progress...it just feels like one big ball of ongoing triggers. So, getting outside feedback from your T is critical (at least for me). But the progress is there. If the T "ho's" and "uhm's" at your direct questions, then it might be time to look for the next T, but don't write them off just yet. Of course take what helps that I say, and toss the rest...I am not a doctor, just a fellow and kindred spirit....walking this road with you.