Cooking And Ptsd - How To Make It Easy

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Hello guys,

as we all know good nutrition is important for our mental and physical health but our symptoms often make it hard to fix some food.

That is why I would like to start a collection of recipes that are healthy and easy to make without too much effort- so that we can even prepare them when we're down and triggered by our symptoms.

Here's my first suggestion:

Paprika Peppers with cream cheese (for 2 persons)


2 big paprika peppers (whatever colour)

200 g cream cheese

50 ml cream

1 tablespoon parmesan

50 g frozen peas

100 g boiled ham (cut in tiny slices)

and spices

Halve the paprika peppers – take out everything that was inside

Put the halves in a casserole

Mix the other ingredients and add garlic, oregano, salt, white pepper, nutmeg (moderate) and a bit more of curry, chili, marjoram and parsley

Put the filling in the paprika peppers

Heat the oven (200°C)

Bake the paprika peppers for about 30 min

Jasmine rice is very tasty as a side dish but you can also leave it and have a low-carb meal.

Looking forward to recipe exchange.
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More of a trick than a recipe:

Whatever soup or curry or similar that you're eating. Made it, ordered double, whatever. Pour dividends into icecube trays. Freeze. Pop soup-cubes / curry-cubes into a big ziplock bag & keep frozen until needed. No appetitie? Defrost just one and knock it back like a shot. Concentrated, nutrient dense, multi-source, easily digestible nutrition. That you actually like the taste of. Probably. At least you did when you froze the sucker. So better than even odds, anhedonia not withstanding.

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Brocalli and cheese omelet....
Cut up brocallit
Grated cheese
three eggs whipped
Heat skillet with a little butter
Pour eggs into skillet and allow to cook until it hardens a little
Add brocalli and cheese
Fold over eggs so you have an omelet
pour onto plate and top with cheese, enjoy!

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If it wasn't for rotisserie chickens in grocery stores (fully cooked) I'd probably starve to death.

I make broth with the bones, just add to a pot and boil for a couple of hours. Remove bones and then add whatever veggies, noodles, rice you have on hand and finish cooking.

With the chicken that I removed, there are tons of things you can do with it. Chicken sandwich, chicken and rice with a bit of mozzarella cheese on it. Chicken salad.

Tossed salad is another favorite. Just keep a bowl on hand. Tons of veggies in it, and then you can always add some chicken.... LOL!!!!!


Combining wisdom from last 3 posts... Make more than one serving and freeze individual servings.

Ex: Crockpot (absolutely!!) I make soups of all kinds and then freeze. Also works well for pasta sauce (tomato). Instead of an omelet - make a quiche Lorraine or whatever variety you like and freeze individual portions.

Just some ideas as there are so many recipes on the internet, but maybe to only provide some ideas to search for.


There so many crockpot recipes on the Internet, especially for soups and stews.


Keep on hand and ready to go:
  • washed and chopped veges in individual containers and washed lettuces store well in the fridge
  • shredded cheese and chopped bacon or ham are nice accents to keep on hand
  • dressings or the makings for fresh dressing
  • fruits can be kept easily in fridge or on counter (canned mandarin oranges also)
  • fresh lemons and limes
  • cooked meats can be kept in fridge for a few days (chicken is easy so I poach boneless pieces and refrigerate, also baked salmon)
  • nuts and seeds of all kinds
  • canned or frozen beans/legumes
  • spices, herbs
  • bottled, chopped garlic
Combine to your taste. (see "salad" thread for suggestions, also the Internet is replete with recipes)

  • Keep cooked pasta in fridge.
  • Sauté fresh veges which can be chopped and kept in the fridge (I use sliced summer and zucchini squash, chopped carrots), chopped tomatoes, peppers, onion and garlic in olive or canola oil. Add herbs. I use a prepared Italian blend, but fresh basil, parsley, oregano, thyme would be great.
  • Add a little vegetable or chicken stock, and then add cooked pasta.**
  • Heat through and sprinkle with fresh parmesan cheese.
**You can also add pre-cooked meat, fish, or beans at this point as well.

  • frozen and fresh fruit (might need to add ice if using all fresh fruit)
  • frozen spinach (or fresh)
  • Greek yogurt
  • cranberry juice (or whatever kind of juice you like)
  • golden flax seeds, crushed (I use a small coffee grinder that I only use for this purpose)
  • protein powder
  • touch of cinnamon
  • fresh herbs as well (rosemary, thyme, sage work well; thinking I might try cilantro and lime with some strawberries?? margarita smoothie! ;))


I've read where people pre-cook steel-cut oats and then heat up each morning in the microwave. You could add fresh berries, cooked apples, cinnamon, brown sugar/Splenda, etc..

Muffins (so many recipes - see the Internet)

You can create healthy muffins out of a regular recipe by using whole grains (buckwheat, oat, almond, wheat....) and unflavored protein powder instead of white flour, add ground flax seeds, nuts, shredded veges (zucchini, carrot) and fruits/berries as well. Or to make a savory muffin, use whole grains and protein powder instead of flour, add herbs, seeds, shredded cheeses and/or veges. A good accompaniment to a salad or soup.

You can also swop out Splenda for sugar or cut down the sugar by using honey in its place.


I make a peanut butter banana smoothie in my blender with a half a banana, some yogurt or milk, a glob of peanut butter, (does not have to be an exact amount) or some juice instead of milk or yogurt. You can play around with smoothies a lot!

My other favorite is Lentil Soup. My Daddy taught me how to make this when I was a teenager. (He was not my abuser, his father was, so I loved my daddy a lot)! So this is one of my fondest memories. Anyway, again, measurements are not important:

You slice up a small or medium onion, (you can brown it in oil if you like) and then you cut up a carrot and a stalk of celery. (Slice them diagonally for best flavor). Put these in a crock pot, a good amount of some lentils, then cover with chicken broth. Bring to a boil, and then simmer for a couple of hours. I like to make this with some sliced up kielbasa too. Yummy! (Just add the Kielbasa before you start cooking it all).
Love @Friday's hack!

Refrigerator oatmeal (look it up online): basically, old-fashioned oatmeal (must be old-fashioned style!), and milk or soymilk or whatever. Add whatever you want.

I include chia seeds and freshly ground flax seeds, then extra liquid, plus half a banana. Put it in mason jar (glass jar with a lid like jam or preserves come in.) Close tightly and shake. Prepare the night before and put in refrigerator. Can eat cold or reheated in the morning.
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