Cooking for yourself...


What is so magic about cooking for yourself when you are affected? The time it takes? Or the familiar smell of food? Or does it take our focus and move it to something else? Or all of those things?

Making breakfast was one of the first things I decided to do for myself after we found trauma. My wife was encouraging me to get up and do something and making breakfast can be quick and simple. So I started making breakfast.

Now even when I'm affected - I'm planning whats for breakfast tomorrow. Sometimes plans change and its just a bowl of cereal and a glass of OJ but I don't feel like I couldn't stand the sight of food like I have at times.


I cook and bake from scratch. I love it. I have learned to make cheese,whey bread from the drained cheese so there is no waste. I have an instant pot which is a game changer. There is no one personally to cook for besides myself. When am I going to get myself out of blame for my CPTSD, and be like others? My therapist is trying to get me to the point where I will let someone in and not run. Pray for him. He needs it.


Love cooking a nice meal. Not really doing it lately as not got access to my own kitchen. And even when I do finally get my own place, I know I won't always cook a nice meal for myself by any means. Not always got the spoons that's for sure.

But when I'm up to the task, I do get a lot out of it.

Particularly enjoy making something a bit ingdulgent, or new to me, or something comforting.

I enjoy reading several recipes before I have a go at something, taking elements from each recipe. I like reading the comments on recipes too and finding tips on how to do it better or different flavours to add.

Enjoy trying out a foreign recipe from time to time too, sates (is that the right word?) my curiosity.

Always amazes me how home made stuff is so much nice than factory made or fast food stuff. You'd think it might stop surprising me at the age of 50 but not a bit of it. 😁🤓


Does the time it takes to make something "flip the switch" on hunger when you really don't feel like eating? You know, the stressy not hungry for two days don't feel like eating thing.

It sort of does for me. It's like I'm busy cooking and that's all I'm thinking about, and as the meal gets ready the smell, the sight, the sound, plus thinking about the taste and I feel hungry.


With food… no. But with other things.. I may not feel like it/ want it/ etc. before doing it, but actively doing it allows desire to make an entrance. Which is both precious & useful.
I know I’m replying to myself @Freddyt … but it’s only just now occurred to me, because of your Q about cooking for yourself… that this MAY be one of the best tips/tricks I’ve ever walked face first into.

CX all the trauma-related-XYZ-issues… and look at what’s left in the “back to basics” Stabilizing/Foundational aspects to life & living: and DO THOSE. Work on th shit that’s trauma-related with a different set of expectations / time scale. But in the meantime? Everything else that gets sucked into the black hole of “Nope” when PTSD starts revv’ing into high gear actually CAN not only become possible, but doing it lets desire return.

I may not want to eat, in the same way that I may not want to take a shower, or go for a run, or whatever. But??? I have trauma related food issues, but not trauma related bathing/exercising/etc. So if I set the trauma-complicated stuff aside and do the other stuff? Just. Doing. It. allows it to become both possible & routine, as well as often enjoyable. Freeing up a whole helluva lot of room in the stress cup to allow other, harder, things to be accomplished. But even if the harder stuff is still tabled? How. Much. f*cking. Better. Is life in general when all the OTHER stuff is rocking out?!?


Mui mui bueno.


Freeing up a whole helluva lot of room in the stress cup to allow other, harder, things to be accomplished. But even if the harder stuff is still tabled? How. Much. f*cking. Better. Is life in general when all the OTHER stuff is rocking out?!?
That seems to be what I'm finding. Once I cook and eat its not far to a shower and getting on with my day. Especially days like today when my symptoms are up and sleep is down and I have to drag my ass out of bed.

Best part is I'm eating better too.


Cooking for myself and nutrition are actually some of my favorite things to focus on in my life. Cooking once you learn the basics is something you never forget, I can cook my favorite dishes in my sleep. The process of cooking too for me later in the day before settling down with a nice dinner is really relaxing. The real anxiety of it all is diving into making something new when you don't know how to do it yet and cooking is one of those areas that requires a little experimentation before you get it right for you, there is a bit of a learning curve to get over at first.


I think part of this is also about finding my functional level for the day too. When you cant find the closure for the bread you took off 20 seconds ago.....probably not gonna be a banner day.