Cooking Heathily But Keeping The Flavour - Recipes

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KP the nut

I am managing my PTSD and it is time for me to work on diet and fitness. With this in mind, members have given me a couple of recipes. Feel free to share your recipes.

These from Shadowchaser

Low cal potatoes
Shred or mince two cups fresh potatoes
On med/low heat 1/8 cup olive oil
Once oil is hot put in the potatoes.
You will run out of oil before potatoes are done. When this happens add 1/4 cup pomigranit vinegar. Continue to heat on low till potatoes are soft.

There is so much flavor that you won't need any condiments.

Pomigranite and Blueberry Chicken

Forget the oils when cooking chicken.

Take bonless skinless chicken and line the bottom of a baking dish. Cover with 2 cups blueberry juice and one cup Pomigranit vinegar. Bake at 350 for 30 min.

While that is baking in a seperate baking dish prepare 2 cups coli flower. Zest one orange over the top of the coli flower. At the 30 minute mark take 1/4 cup of juice from chicken and pour over coli flower and put in oven. Turn chicken over. Bake an additional 20 min then remove and cool.

This will make a full meal. here is also a quick tip for lower guilt gravy. While everything is cooking take some rice and put it in a coffee grinder. Grind till powdered. When the chicken is done take a plastic bag with ice in it and dab at the fat deposits in the drippings. They will stick to the cold bag making it easy to remove. For every cup of drippings use 2 tbl of powdered rice in a blender till smooth. Take the blended mixture and heat on a stove for ten minutes remembering to stir repeatedly. As it cools to a warm temp it will thicken just like gravy but with less guilt.
I don't have time right now because I have to go to work soon, but when I do I will post a bunch of great, tasty, healthy recipes I have. This thread is making me excited!

The chicken sounds great. I never thought of adding blueberry juice to chicken, but it thinking about it, it would go well with Pomegranate vinegar.
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