Coping Strategies - What new hobbies & activities are you doing as part of your healing process?

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I've been thinking one of the prettiest parts in this process is the healthy coping mechanisms we all eventually develop. So what new hobbies, activities, stuff you ended up doing as part of your healing process?

I'll start! Dancing contemporary! Literally I am dancing all my pain away as days go by.

Looking forward to reading to y'all!!
Greatfull for this groyp


To be fair, I mostly got cataleptic and useless and crawled back to stuff I could do without any body power. So, kudos for starting something that moves you!

I listened and researched for music and made playlists that fit my mood or calm me down. Then made the art cover. Still using it now.

Looking forward reading you around :-)


I have to physically exercise. I was fast walking for an hour a day before my surgery and I was off so ling, that I got out of it. I've been doing 30 minutes but need to move to an hour. Maybe tonight


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Learning sign language!
I started learning BSL (british sign language) back when my symptoms were at their worst. Practicing signing is a fantastic way of clearing my mind before going to bed, and also a great way of distracting myself in the middle of the night if it's a bad night. It is also really fun to learn!

The physical movements, the concentration required combined with the enjoyment have been a huge part of my recovery process, so, this has definitely been the prettiest part of the process for me :-)
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