Copying And Pasting Articles: Guidelines

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EDIT TO ADD: Much of the policy reflected in this thread has been replaced, as of 25 May 2017, with this: Administrative - Consequences for copyright infringement

Please refer to the thread above for the most current information on copying and pasting web content.


We often share text resources from other parts of the web - articles, studies, news, all sorts - and I'd like to remind members of a few guidelines.

Ten Percent: Ideally, you should only copy 10% of the material, and link the rest. Why? It keeps your citation focused, gives the reader the option (or not) to continue through to the link, and prevents excess duplication of content across the web (which affects search algorithms).

Use Quote Formatting: By placing your quoted text inside of the BB code format, a reader can easily identify what is your writing and what is not. Anything else is plagiarism.

Use [QUOTE] to begin, and [/QUOTE] to end.

Link To Your Source: This may seem obvious to some, but it's not an uncommon problem here.

Common Questions:
I'm a new member, but I can't post links. Why?
When you are a new member, you do not have the ability to post links for a period of time. This is another way that we guard against spam. Just be patient and keep logging in and posting; you'll gain permission based on a number of factors including length of membership and number of posts.

I would like to copy longer sections of text into my diary, so I can reference them. May I?
Members sometimes benefit from transferring certain kinds of text - lists, especially - to their trauma diaries. We generally evaluate these on a case-by-case basis. In the Members Diary section, it's less problematic; still, you must provide citation back to your source, and if you have the option to edit what you are quoting - by all means, please do. Otherwise you run the risk of having it removed by a moderator.

What's with all these new rules about copying, pasting, images, etc.?
They aren't new. They've always been in effect; these are reminders.

Nearly everything on the web belongs to someone. It's your responsibility as a member to respect copyright in all its forms.

MyPTSD reserves the right to remove anything that we suspect may be violating a copyright held by an outside entity.

Thanks for reading. And remember, there is the Link Removed for trying out posts or commands before you use them, and the Help Desk for when you have a question.

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Everything I write is my own. No matter what "quotation" marks I use! Besides, I still don't know how to copy & paste on my PC!
But if I ever do learn, I will try to follow the rules. Thanks!:joyful:
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