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Cost of meds rant

Rose White

I just need to rattle this off. I went to the neighboring country to get dental work because I can actually pay for it. I had to pick up some medicine for my son. It’s a 4.5g tube of cream. I paid about 7 dollars for it. Got three of them. As I was putting it away just now I saw printed on the side of the box “maximum price allowed” $185. And I was shocked. Then I remembered that in America the federal government GOT RID OF the “maximum price allowed” law. There is literally no limit. It makes me want to cry. I am so thankful I live close to the border. I wonder if there are doctors down there I could go to in addition to the dentist.

The medical system in America is super frightening for people not on public aid and not rich. Anyway, that’s my rant.
The pricing disparities can be shocking, especially when comparing services across borders. Here in the US, it is essential to be insured; otherwise, be ready to pay a lot of money.