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Costing Update

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Many a member / reader, often notices changes I make to the donation block, so here is a little information to recent changes made.

As longer members would know, I moved to a year in advance method some years ago. That is still in effect now. With all the technical changes made over the past two years, and more recent changes within the year, I have removed most of the nonsense traffic from even reaching the website, which means server. It literally stops at third party DNS servers and firewalls I have in place.

These changes led me to reduce the costs by a thousand some time ago, and now I feel comfortable reducing them another $500 to a flat $2k per annum. Yes, this means I am reducing the physical server infrastructure used here, as its no longer having to deal with an average 800% increase from current traffic, of which was all garbage and just using resources.

Understand that when every page loads here, there are features included as a member or guest uniquely that load. I have stripped most things from guests, leaving them only for members. This is what makes me comfortable now after watching site stats that I can reduce resources a little more.

I have no plans on upgrading the site, as I found a good server and site structure that works, and should keep working for some years to come. At that point, I will look at upgrading to more current standards to ensure security and compliancy to mobile devices.

Cheaper is better, without sacrifice to security or performance. I've simply been trimming the fat over the past couple of years to get the site running optimally for real users, and removing as much noise as possible from ever reaching the server. This makes funding the site year on year easier for members.
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