Undiagnosed Could I have PTSD

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Hi Folks, I never post on forums so apologies if this is incorrect.

I was a Uni student in early 90s. I crashed a friend's car in a suicide attempt and killed the driver of other car, crippled myself and went to jail.

I have struggled with mental health since.

I got diagnosed with depression, anxiety, dysthimia.

I have no recollection of crash. I woke in hospital 5 days later and my mum told me what happened.

Could PTSD start 30 years later? Or can it get worse. I'm 50 this year and sick of self loathing and fighting suicidal thoughts, that caused all this in the first place.

Last try, any advice appreciated


Welcome to the forum! I am sorry for the painful events that have brought you here but glad that you have found us!

I have been here for 11+ years and can say that you have found a safe place to tell your story and receive compassion and understanding.

Be sure to read the rules that make it a safe place, along with articles that help in understanding symptoms and offer suggestions on coping strategies.

Blessings of peace are being sent your way☮️
Hi! Welcome to the forum. Sorry, you've been through so much. I think trauma can 'hide' in you for a long time and then you finally have a breakdown sometime later. You probably just didn't recognize it, or it was well 'hidden'. I was abused as a child for years, but I didn't have a breakdown and become aware of it until I was 16 years old. However, I had PTSD all throughout, but I was instead labeled as sensitive/manipulative, etc. I had flashbacks, anxiety attacks, depressive spells, self-harm, etc, but didn't have any way to understand or express what was going on with me. Your body and mind can hide it until you are safe enough or ready enough to deal with it full-blown. But then again, you're never really ready. You'll probably find this forum to be quite helpful, I know I have.
@Mash69 I am sorry what you went through. I was wondering whether some recent thing reminded you past event and that might explain why old memories are resurfacing? Or maybe unconsciously you still have something you might need to deal with? Do you have access to a trusted friend/familymember/counselor/priest with whom you could talk in addition taking here?
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