Counselling while at work


So I'm getting 5 counselling sessions at work, has anyone been able to get counsellng while at work, as in while you're wokring? I'm worried but happy to be starting the sessions, the main thing I'm worried about is feeling drained after the sessions, like I explained to the therapist I'm speaking to that I alway feel drained after sessions and I feel awakward explaining it to my team leader. Don't get me wrong my TL at work is really understanding but I'm just worried about feeling tired to get back on calls after the sessions. Especially with dissociation. Am I overthinking things or is it normal to feel like this? Like, I've had therapy before (CBT and EMDR) but never while having a job. 😕


I work. My therapy is private and I haven't told my bosses about it.
I manage my own diary mostly, not totally. And we have a flexi working policy so I can just stop work at 4pm on Thursday and go to therapy.
I find the next day is always a bit challenging. So I have a 'no meeting day'' on a Friday. People still book in meetings but it's a lot less than other days so that has worked well for me.

If your manager knows that's great as they night be aware that it might take a bit out of you after? Don't know if you have to go straight back to worn after the session? I:m glad mine is at the end of the day, because I think I would find it hard to just finish therapy and then go to work. But people manage it.


Hi, are you able to move your shifts around so you dont have to go straight back to work? If its for 5 sessions maybe your employer could sort something ?
i did try working after session and it was hard and it meant that we then didnt work on stuff that may cause me to dissociate. When i left a few hours between session and work i felt that was manageable. Your team leader sounds reasonable so speak to them. Alternatively is there a way the sessions times can be changed ?


yes this is how i do therapy. generally i set it aside and then process what happened over the following week. that way i don't need to instantly spin out.


Back in the day when many of us used to go to work...remember those sweaty days in the transit...yah. I used to see my therapist and group after work. From my personal experience, I would never do therapy during work hours. Just not practical for me. The minutes right before and after the therapy are some of my most processing and digesting moments. But obviously a lot of doctors and psychologists work during old business hours and did it so I guess it is not that uncommon either.


I was never able to go directly from therapist to work. Always made appointments on my day off (which was a Monday, so I was lucky there).