Countdown to Christmas - Festive, Exciting, Melancholic, or Busy - PTSD & Christmas

Hey ! Hi to such a supportive community-
Just to say ( new here) it is truly the Countdown to Christmas - dont know about all of you 15,000 people here or more - but if you are feeling the pressures and overwhelming feel slowly rising - just to say you are not alone. As beautiful , festive , exciting , melancholy or busy this season is - some have to face the season with burdens , loss , heartbreak or pressure- it is not about the commercialised chaos -but it IS about ALL the sufferers and the supporters having small victories this year and having gratitude for how far they have come!
I will be spending the Christmas season alone like I have done every year for the past 20 years or so.

I will however keep all my traditions, such as watching my favourite movies, having a turkey on Christmas day, and yes, even leaving something for Santa (even though I know that he skips this house)

I have started on the Christmas decorating, but I still have a long way to go. For now I only have some lights up, and I want to do a full arch of fake snow around the door. I've started listening to Christmas music too
@abovedown good question! Hope so. Do we ?
Ballpark figure .
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