Sufferer CPTSD Childhood Trauma...Poor memory


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I have been diagnosed with depression and anxiety from early on and now recently told I have cptsd. I have always had trouble with memory and now think it is because of the trauma. I don’t have any vivid memories of the traumas either...just fragments...but from what I’ve read the body keeps the score. I always froze during trauma, and after all the big and little traumas, i think i became hyper vigilant my stress response got stuck on the on position.


Hi @Jwill welcome to the site. My stress response got stuck on the on position aswell. I understand that feeling. Always alert for the next threat. I also have a diagnosis of depression and anxiety with "a history of complex trauma". I hope you find support here. 😀


hello jwill. welcome to the forum.

your description fits my own ptsd, even when it was being treated as bipolar. i was pretty far into therapy before the ptsd theories formed into an official dx. everybody seemed agreed that i wasn't really bipolar, but it is what we had to work with. it was far, far better than nothing.

the good news is that, as i processed the repressed memories, my memory functions improved across the board. don't forget that your brain is part of your body. it remembers, too, whether i am busy repressing the memories or knot.

but that is me and every case is unique. gentle support while you sort your own case.