Sufferer CPTSD, Mild Cerebral Palsy, 37, Married, & In Canada.


New Here
Hi everyone I just found this forum through someone that told me about this place. I live in Alberta Canada 37 married. I have CPTSD and other mental illnessess. I also have mild cerebal Palsy. I hope to get to know some of you. I am in need of a safe place to share and also support others. Thank you for reading


Hello @Taylor27 - this is a supportive place and you can connect with a lot of helpful folks if you stick around a little while. There is also quite an array of experience represented here: I have cPTSD, a cleft lip and palate, hip dysplasia, etc. There are many others here who have multiple conditions they are dealing with, too, and I have little doubt that you will find people you relate to. I have.

Welcome and best of luck!



Welcome! I've found a wealth of helpful information here. The people are sincere and caring. I'm glad you joined, though sorry for the reason. Along with PTSD, I have a variety of physical problems and anxiety disorder. Finding this place is a real gem to me, not just for information, but for understanding and fun stuff, too!