Sufferer CPTSD, OCD, and Bipolar II - looking for friends :)

Hello folks,

Thanks for having me here - (30F, she/they pronouns). I just found this forum and am looking forward to meeting other neurodiverse individuals and finding insight beyond my own ever-cycling thoughts. I was diagnosed about 3 years ago but have probably suffered with OCD and BP II since childhood, and CPTSD since 2011 from a severely psychologically, financially, emotionally, and physically abusive relationship. My biggest struggle right now is keeping up with work - my motivation is just zero after getting a few days of nice weather for the first time this year. I have no interest in anything to do with any job, especially mine. Current meds include depakote, latuda, lexapro, klonopin, trazodone, NAC, Vitamin D. Intrests include surrealist film, mushroom foraging, cooking, art, hiking with my dog, and travelling. Thanks for reading, hope to say hi soon :)


Welcome to the forum! I don’t know if I’m neurodivergent, probably yes with some form of ADD. Went through the niceties of terror show DV for 2 years, ended up recently only. But struggled with a bunch of things my entire life with a GAD and general dysphoria since… bleh I don’t know. Anyway, hope you’ll find help and support here. The diaries are really nice to read and share.


Welcome! I have also had OCD since childhood. Sorry to hear you have to deal with it, it's an awful disorder. I definitely understand troubles with motivation. I'm attending university right now, and my desire to do anything is next to nothing.

Anyway, I hope you find your time here helpful!