Crafting Thread!


Hi everyone.

I didn't see a crafting thread so I wanted to make one. I just finished a 6 Day Kid Blanket for my sister for her baby that's due soon, and I wanted to share it with all of you. :) If you want to make one yourself and crochet, the link is here: 6 Day Kid Blanket

Cropped (2).jpg

It took me longer than 6 days due to my Chronic Pain and Repetitive Stress Injury, but I'm still proud of it.


I crochet, I did a square blanket a few years back. All I did was to add three stitches at each corner. I just kept going doing that until it was about five feet on all sides. It is very heavy, great for winters. I will try to share a photo of it later.


Great thread! And great blankets ladies! :)

This was my first go at Cross Stitch.
In the UK, green, white and purple were the colours of the Women's Social and Political Union, led by Emmeline Pankhurst, just one of several organisations involved in the suffrage movement, but perhaps the most militant.


Yay! A crafter's thread! I'm working on decoupaging a cabinet with chickens.
cabinet.jpgcabinet 1.jpg
The second is a close up. I have to finish painting around the decoupaged areas, then repaint the cabinet part white.

I'm also decoupaging tin cans to plant in.

duck can.jpgcan.jpg

I gave away a bunch of the nice ones. These are fun.

This is a picture of...oh, it's a new chick, I didn't make that!lav orp.jpg

I did make this dresser. The bottom drawer is dirty since my dog got muddy in the night and laid next to it. I was too lazy to wash the mud off before I took the picture. This was my first attempt at this kind of thing.

I'm also working on another dresser and a gateleg table. Thanks for the thread, everyone's things are so nice.