Undiagnosed CSA By Brothers & Grandfather - 4 Sessions With T Sent Me On A Downward Spiral


New Here
Hi, I've just joined.
I'm having a really tough time right now.
Undiagnosed depression and PTSD.
I was sexually abused by my 2 brothers when I was younger ( I don't know the ages it started/stopped)
Indecently assaulted by my grandad and a sexual assault from an ex boyfriend.
I feel like I'm stuck, I want the help...I have even filled in the self referral forms for counselling/made GP appts but I just couldn't follow through.
I once opened up to a "friend" about the abuse and she completely broke my trust by telling 2 other people.and confronting one of my brothers - he obviously called me a liar.
I spoke to a counsellor via a messaging system but as soon as she found out I was wanted to speak to get about trauma, she was very reluctant to go ahead with talking to me unless we did it in person, so I stopped. I did 4 sessions and it sent me on a downward spiral.


Welcome to the forum. It has been a blessing in my life!

I am sorry you went through the horrid abuse that you did but glad you found us! (I have a history of childhood abuse too)

There’s a lot of good info here, I hope you will get to know us. I’m not as active as I used to be but I still check in at least once a day.


Hi @LucyLou, welcome to the site. I'm sorry that your friend betrayed your trust. That's very hard. There are lots of supportive people here. I think your gp has to refer you to the mental health services. Is that what happened? Face to face therapy is now available now that lockdown has lifted.best wishes.