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Sufferer Cupcakes with razor blades - Childhood trauma

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Hello all,

New to this. I’ve experienced physical, verbal and emotional abuse from both my mother and father. I stopped talking to my dad during freshman year of college then realized my mom was batshit so stopped talking to her last July. Trauma from my father was mostly physical and straightforward but I didn’t realize how abusive my mom was until age 23 when I finally moved away. Title of my post is inspired by a lot of her behaviors. I read a book called Adult Children of Emotionally Immature Parents that turned my world upside down then ended up in therapy via talkspace. On my third therapist (1st PTSD specialist since i’ve admitted I have PTSD) currently. Feeling depressed and anxious all the time after almost 1 year in therapy and I’m thinking of starting a medication with my gp. I’m glad this forum exists. Thank you all for sharing your stories and I look forward to getting some support.
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