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I know that there is a terribly huge cyclone in Australia. I hope all are safe.

Here in the States, we have had a huge winter storm sweep across the central and eastern part of the country. Particularly bad in Chicago and I know we have members there.

Stay safe everyone!

yes, I chatted with 2 in Australia but they were both much farther south. Maybe 45 min north of Sydney. They have extreme heat though. 104 F and no air conditioning. WOW

Here in Ohio we have had ice. Better today but the ice has caused power outages in some areas. Some counties with snow emergencies declared where you will get arrested if you are on the roads unless you have an emergency. Not where I am, however. It ls fine here.

My thoughts go out to all the people in Australia. I can only imagine how hard it is there now, just having the flood and now this. Hope you all are safe.

I'm in Eastern, USA and so far we have just had rain.Our temperatures are dropping and the winds are picking up, but looking at the radars it seems like the snow might miss us. They have been talking about tornados down south being a possibility.
Here in Connecticut in the United States the snow banks are 5 feet high. We've had several building roofs collapse because of the weight of the snow. Now the ice storm just ended. They are predicting more snow for Saturday and maybe another snow storm next Tuesday.

Is it spring yet?


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